Tuesday, 9 November 2010


To get to know me you have to get to know a place called Camp Becket in Massachusetts USA.  It was where a lot of things started for me. Its why I love America. And it's where I met my husband Tim. I almost didn't go that summer, which would have meant no Tim and no Isaac and Lucas! 

Its an old faded picture but look how young and rested we look pre-babies.

I went for 4 summers. Originally as a lifeguard which after 2 days training meant that I seriously doubted I could save anyone. Luckily for those 2 summers where children's lives were in my hands, everyone made it through unscathed and alive *phew*. Tim was a camp counsellor, taught rugby and swimming with me.

I think he spent ALOT of time saying 'no American football is NOT the same as rugby!!!

 Its a place where I made some of my best friends. You do silly things, dress up. Although I couldn't find any photos depicting the silliness here's just me in my usual attire.

After 2 summers of life guarding or 'life risking' some might say. I became camp photographer and that's when I realised that I love taking photos. 

So I'd like to share some of my favourites if you don't mind...
*warning those of you with a weak deposition for heartwarming sunset shots look away now*

To be short. Its the place where I felt most myself and found some important people. *sob* hopefully I get to go back one day and even more exciting share it with my 2 boys!

Check it out for yourself 

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