Friday, 4 March 2011

Flash Back Friday: trip down memory lane

I thought I'd join the Friday Flash back fun! As many of you know me and the boys are staying with my parents while our house is being extended. It's a nostalgic experience since it's the house I grew up in. I'm putting Isaac down to sleep in the room where I slept. I'm playing with them in the garden where I played with friends. Leafing through photo albums and seeing my babies staring back at me in my own baby face. It hits me over and over 'my mum did what I'm doing right now...and wait! I'm the mummy now'.

Here we are, baby Siany. 
Apparently I was an easy baby happy to sit and play with my toys for hours and rarely cried. 
This is just like my 2 boys... no way at all!

 But Man oh Man I look like Lucas even though I'm a girl...
Are you loving the retro carpet and lovely sofa pattern?

Aw I love this next photo. My mum looks like me and that's exactly how I've held my babies. Me once again looking just like Lucas.

And here's my dad looking exactly like my brother does now sitting with me...

 Whenever the sun came out so did this sun lounger (even if it was cold). It was well comfy. 

Now this swing was given to me for my birthday. I woke up that morning and saw a swing in the middle of our garden! Even though it was my birthday I didn't put 2 and 2 together. My first thought was 'omg someone has snuck in during the night and built a swing in our garden!' 'who would do a thing like that...? 'Maybe I wasn't so bright....

I remember this next photo being taken. Here is me and my favourite cousin who brought out the Tom boy in me. We were inseparable and quite often he got me into mischief. I seem to remember him convincing me to climb into a suitcase after which he slid me down the stairs. I wont mention a particular fire starting incident as my mum might read this. In this photo we are inside a helicopter for some reason that I can't remember. Don't panic we aren't strapped in, I'm pretty sure it wasn't going anywhere although wouldn't have put it past him...

 I had to include the classic school photo.
I don't think I was the best student early on. I was apparently too busy daydreaming. In fact I even found some of my old reports...
 Daydreamer, can't concentrate, needs more no change there then...
Haha there was nothing wrong with my hearing I just didn't listen. I remember agreeing that I couldn't hear because it sounded better than saying I wasn't listening. 

But look at me now. All grown up and mummy. 
Seriously how did that happen?
I don't need a diagram people, you know what I mean...

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  1. oh, how fun to look through your old photos and see your own children in them! I LOVE the one of you and your mother. Love it!!!

  2. LOVE the picture of you with your Mom. Such a good picture. Better than good.

  3. I too love that shot of you and your mom... and that lounge chair!

  4. Wonderful glimpse of your past... the best is yet to come, surely!