Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Pinch, Punch First of the month...

Its March, its grey but spring is around the corner and hey! I just realised I've been blogging for 3 months *bounces around the living round like tigger*. I have REALLY enjoyed it. It's has made me take more photos and everytime I get a comment I'm so excited. In fact I'm slightly addicted to checking my blog Stats. It's given me a creative outlet, kept me sane while at home with 2 excitable boys (I wonder where they get it from?), kept me in contact with old friends (and long lost brother) and introduced some lovely new ones.

I take my blogging seriously people!
Ha ha actually that's a really old photo, check out that dodgy looking computer. But I can't do a post without a picture! So to celebrate my 3 months in blogging world I thought I would revisit some of my favourite blog posts which might also give my new followers a chance to see some older posts.

So here goes:

Jack Frost Booty Call
This was one of those days when you get all excited about taking photos even if you can only go as far as your backyard.

Deadly Engagement Story
This story cracks me up every time I tell it.

Slide show time
This is our wedding story obviously I love this post as it reminds me of such a special day.

99 random things
All about me, what more could you want eh? Remember though I haven't done all those things. Just the ones in bold. But there's still time...

Let it snow
This was one of my favourite winter days day let alone a favourite post.

Toy Story Birthday Party
How could this not be a favourite!

I'm not stupid I just cant count
In fact I'm a freaking genius...sort of

Not so different afterall
Aw check out my lovely little boys.

So there you have it. Thank you everyone who has read my posts you've made me happy! (does this sound like an acceptance speech..?) *Ahem* I'd like to thank the academy...my cat...the lady round the corner...

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