Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My youngest is struggling. 

Which is kind of why I haven't managed to blog this last week. Lately he is very unhappy, swinging from from smiling to crying within seconds. No not crying, screaming. At times he loses it so bad he starts banging his head as hard as he can on the floor, on me, on anything. It's a job to hold him, let alone stopping him hurting himself. One particular evening he was screaming so bad we got real scared. We thought Oh God maybe something is really really wrong. I called the doctors to ask if I could just come down and wait to see someone at the end of surgery. After hearing his screams the receptionist immediately said 'the doctor is on his way'. 10 minutes later he was at the door. Oh God.

Don't worry though. It is nothing serious thankfully. He needs Grommets, whatever those are. Basically he can't drain the fluid in his ears which at times is giving him excruciating ear ache. This is probably also why he gets so many ear infections. He has to have an operation to have these 'Wallace and grommets' (as Tim calls them) put in. I'm not so sure i'm okay with my baby being put to sleep and having an operation. Even if it is routine and loads of children have them. However it needs to be done. 

We are not going out much since the meltdowns are so spectacular I cant quite manage them in public. Staying in though is leading to both kiddies climbing the walls at times.

Its okay though we are making it work. Its nothing serious for which I am grateful. And at times we get these little glimpses to our lovely little man when he is not in pain and happy. In those times he is adorable. 

So what do you do on a hot day, when the kids are hyper and you can for the life of you find the paddling pool? You make it work...

Isaac continues to keep everyone amused...

 After the fun is over Isaac refuses to get out as its way colder outside than in the water...
Fair enough eh?

As I said we get these little glimpses...

So were keeping busy

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