Friday, 18 November 2011

Belated blog birthday

4th of Nov was my blog birthday!

I can't believe I missed it! Actually I can. I never remember when our wedding anniversary is or anyone's birthday for that matter. This is SO me. Still I've been blogging for a whole year and I'm addicted. I love it. I love writing, I love taking photos instead of enjoying stuff because I know you guys will dig it, I love documenting my boys growing up, getting comments, checking my blog stats an embarrassing amount. I freaking love it. My name is Sian and I'm a blogaholic *bows*

My favourite bits...

Did your eyeballs just fall out from photo overload? Sorry about that, I mean't to warn you...

What a year though, Good times.

Anyway to celebrate my blog birthday I thought I'd tell you about some of my favourite blogs...

In no particular order:

J'adore Adriana! Apart from being all around lovely and friendly she takes the most beautiful photos. She and her family are way too attractive btw, she finds the beauty in everyday things and her words fly off the page like poetry.

Jennie Louise
Ah Jennie! My lovely twitter friend who makes me smile daily. She is another lovely mummy who takes seriously fabulous photos.

Heidi Darwish
I can't tell you how much I love Heidi's blog. She lives in Florida (which I enjoy enviously through her photos) with her expanding family. She is the kind of chick you'd like to live next door too. (Actually I wish I lived next door to all the bloggers I'm talking about)

This chick is so awesome! She cracks me up, she's real, she honest and did I mention awesome? I crown thee awesome chick! I Heart her ;)

A new favourite and I'm already addicted to her blog. She takes the most beautiful photos of her life in New Jersey.

Where Have all the Hobos Gone?
Another new favourite. This girl is seriously funny. Like split your sides funny with cartoon pictures to really bring the funny home. Another girl I want to hang out with. We would have way too much fun.

Laura is another twitter friend who is kind of the reason I started blogging. I enjoyed reading her blog and following the progress of her little boy Cameron (seriously cute people!). She has a brand new blog yay!

It's not all girls you know...

His is a photo blog that I can't get enough of. He's a great guy, takes the time to comment even when I've been slack and his photos are complete eye porn!

Last but not least...
Aw this lovely lady is studying to be a teacher, she leaves the nicest comments and I love her photos!

Anyway it's been a great blogging year. It has given me so much happiness and confidence in my own photos. 
Thanks ya'll *sloppy kisses all over you*


  1. Congrats on the Bday. I am honored to join the list of bloggers. I will check them out. I too wish you lived next door something tells me we would talk for hours and hours until sun would rise. =)

  2. What a super tribute! That little fairy bun is cute... actually i wanna bake today myself.
    Loved this blog post Sian cause those collages are awesome.... seriously lovely photos. can i ask how u made them? Id like to have a go myself. :-)
    Im enjoying blogging so much myself... I think its because i dont keep a written diary as such, my blog is a nice reminder for me of my life

  3. Happy bloggy birthday!!! Here's to many, many more!
    I'm so glad I got sucked into your blog by your magnificent photos and get to experience your compassion, your silliness and camaraderie in the motherhood struggle.
    I heart you right back:)

  4. Happy blog birthday!! And thanks for the adorable snaps of the kids. So cute.

    I've been writing for about a month now, and I'm like you. I cannot get enough of this stuff. I wish I'd thought of this blogging stuff a bit sooner in my life. :-)

  5. So sorry I missed this post, Sian!! You have a special birthday - you and Noam share the special date! These photos are just spectacular and really capture your wonderful life! And you are too sweet to give me some blog love! So sorry I missed it before!

  6. Happy Birthday! There are never too many pictures especially when they are as beautiful as those. Does it feel like you have been blogging for a year?

    Thanks for the shout out! You are too kind.

  7. aw love you guys! No I cant believe Ive stuck to this for a year!


  8. All great photos! Happy blog birthday. I shall be checking out all your blog recommendations too x