Monday, 21 May 2012

Happy birthday to me...

It's my birthday today! And of course the sun is out which it always is on my birthday. It can't be coincidence or selective memory, it is always sunny on my birthday BECAUSE it is my birthday.

I'm 33.

When did that happen?

I took a photo of myself first thing this morning while thinking:
'I'm 33 years old. 
I'm an adult with two children. 
Yes two actual children, more wrinkles, an expanding waist line and a couple of sneaky uninvited grey hairs'...

(Black and white seems to soften how freaking tired I am)

Seriously when did that happen?

It got me thinking. Which led to random list writing one of which was 'Stuff I NEED to do before I kick the bucket (probably tomorrow)'. I won't share that but I will share my:

20 reasons I know I'm not in my twenties anymore:

  • My idea of a good night out is staying in with popcorn, homemade pizza and a movie.
  • I get up at 6am no matter what, even on the weekend (not by choice you understand, I'm forced by certain little people I live with).
  • At no point during my birthday did I do Vodka shots or dance on a table.
  • One small glass of wine makes me want to go to sleep.
  • If I do drink, I get two day hangovers.
  • Most of the time I fancy a cup of tea over alcohol anyway.
  • I grunt when I stand up/sit down/or even think about standing up/sitting down.
  • My birthday cake was mostly eaten up by lots of little people before I even got a look in.
  • I get stomach ache after eating piles and piles of junk food. (Weird huh?)
  • I got plants for my birthday from a lot of people
  • ... and I was way too excited about it. (In fact I'm way too excited about gardening in general)
  • When it rains I find my self saying 'well at least it will be good for the garden...' *rolls eyes*
  • I love a good stroll in the countryside.
  • When I was in my twenties I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, now I'm in my thirties I know exactly what I want to do. It's the doing it that's scary.
  • I look tired all the time even if I get a good night sleep.
  • Getting ready for the day consists of throwing the closest item of clothing on, shoving my hair into a pony tail (I may brush it but it's not consistent enough to say I 'always' brush it) and slapping some moisturizer on. People! it used to take me a hour to get ready now it takes me 10 minutes!
  • When I get home from a long journey I unpack right away instead of stepping over it for a week or two.
  • My underwear is comfy, that's all I will say. 
  • Its getting 'a bit late' after 10pm.
  • And most worryingly the Betterware Catalogue sometimes looks mildly interesting...
I could go on but basically if my younger self could see me now she would be shocked and maybe a little terrified. 

But the strange thing is, as much I as I would like the thinner, more youthful appearance and high energy levels of my formal self, I have honestly never been more content with my life and who I am. Who saw that coming? Not me that's for sure.

All in all I've had a lovely birthday weekend. Those of you who know me, know I drag these things out. You get a birthday eve, and birthday boxing day and if it is on or next to a weekend you officially own the whole weekend. I have had a whole lot of birthday love!

Check out my beautiful flowers chosen for me by my first born...
 I think this is my favourite card...

Although this one appealed to me for different reasons...
And here is the awesome (surprisingly edible) cake made by my boys...

You will notice that, as I already mentioned, it is going straight towards little people rather than towards me! hmm...
You may now all serenade me by singing 'happy birthday' and saying things such as 'Oh you don't look a day over 21'...

Really? Oh gosh *blushes* Thank you kindly.


  1. Happy happy birthday! 33 is nothing, wait until you see the tiredness, greys and bags under eyes that come with 36!! (Sadly that is not even a joke!)

    1. I can imagine that it's only downhill from here ;)

  2. Happy birthday, gorgeous girl! 21? Pssh, you don't look a day over 18;) I love that you love your lovely life. Here's to another year of more of the same:)

    1. :D now that's what i'm talking about! xxxxx

  3. Happy Birthday my dear friend, Maia's was the 22nd. No wonder I adore you. xoxo May all your dreams and wishes come true and I too get 4 day hangovers.

    1. Thank you hon, I adore you too as if that wasn't obvious xxxxx

  4. I am the most useless blog stalker!!! Happy Belated Birthday my gorgeous one!! How rubbish am I? I will suitably spoil you when I see you in June...

    Lots and lots of love,

    Netley x x x x x

    1. oh thank you honey! I cant wait to see you, little lady and bump! CANT WAIT I TELL YOU! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX