Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Good bits...

Things are still crazy around here which is why I haven't been blogging. I always miss it though. I think I need it to see things clearly, to point out the good things even when life is a little bit tough. My Nan is still very ill, things are still stressful and there have been losses for friends recently. My heart is broken for them. The thing about stress and pain is I (probably like everyone) always try to resist it, to control it, overcome it, to squeeze it out which serves only to increase it. I'm just trying to roll with it at the moment, feeling it, learning from it and waiting till the good things come along again. Well trying to anyway...

But the good bits are still there as they always are. Lately I have been allowed to take part in some of life best moments for other people. To photograph and capture those moments forever...

*sigh* baby feet...

 Isaac loves babies and despite his boisterous nature he is soft as a cloud when he is with a baby...
Can you be soft as a cloud? Should it be soft as a pillow? As a marshmallow? Lint...? 

You get my gist anyway right?
 I Love seeing one of my bestest friends being a mummy. She's a natural...
Not to mention proud daddy...

And lets not forget Mr. Adorable here
 who looks a little shocked by my camera...
Better get used to it buddy I'll be following you around with it, like ALOT.

I also got to take some photos of another friend while she got ready for her wedding day...
Aw doesn't she look lovely?

More good bits to come but first I am off up north to Newcastle to see another best friend who now lives in and got married in Australia but is coming back for her wedding party UK style. I literally cannot wait to see her and there is a real possibility I will tackle her to the ground when hugging her. We decided to make it a longer trip of it, thinking some time away is much needed.

I shall of course take a million, make that trillion, photos of our trip.

So rest your eyes in preparation...



  1. So sorry your Nan is ill! Sending good thoughts to her and your family! Your photos are just stunning, too!

    1. Thank you hon, you are always so sweet! xxx

  2. Awww give Fiona a kiss from me! Have fun - sounds like you could use a break! Lovely pictures by the way.

    Gemma oxxoxo

  3. Sorry to hear about your Nan ... family illness are so soul crushing. Also my thoughts are with your friends. We've encountered a couple of losses this year, so I'm right there.

    And what gorgeous photos -- both of your bestie and her family, and of the bride. Wow, she's stunning!

    I hope your third is equally as fulfilling. My kids and I were talking about wells, of tears and of energy. Both need to be replenished every once in a while. <3

    1. Thank you hon, I feel like some replenishing is happening xxxx