Monday, 14 January 2013

So all I had to do was ask?

So all I had to do was ask for snow and then it arrives? Who knew...?
I didn't take many pictures because it is fast disappearing and turning to slush already not complaining you understand Weather gods, merely observing...

But since we rarely get snow in England, a little is more than enough for me the boys to absolutely flip out when they woke up. The walk to school was so much fun.

I captured a little of it on my phone..
I was good while it lasted...

*psst* Weather gods how about bringing a little more of the white stuff, I never really grew up and it excites me greatly...

I shall ask for things more often I think...


  1. So so beautiful!!

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  2. We hardly got any snow here. Just a light dusting which disappeared as quickly as it arrived. I did kind of get the taste for it though and I do kind of hope we get a little bit more soon.