Thursday, 14 February 2013

All you need is Love...

We aren't doing our usual Valentines activities this year because my Nan's funeral is tomorrow. Initially I couldn't imagine wanting to do anything the day before so I declared it cancelled. Therefore Larry the Lobster got a last minute pardon to live another day. I hope he made the most of it...

However this morning after hubby had left for work I was greeted with this in the kitchen...
The card reads 'just a distraction, love always' - a distraction from feeling sad.

Anyone who knows Tim knows what a big gesture this is. We have had years and years of oh you need it wrapped too? Is a card really necessary? You wanted the present on the actual day? My Grandma loved it when I got her the same thing?

Look he is awesome at so many things but gifts, surprises, little gestures of love are not his thing. I have long ago accepted this and now always point out very clearly exactly what present I want before said event takes place. Sometimes I even buy it but I draw the line at wrapping it for myself because that's just sad.

Although I don't think I can say that anymore. At Christmas he surprised me with an extra present. A pair of Converse which I totally love.

And now this. It made my day.


Now I needed to up my game. I didn't get him anything. For years I have been the one who does the thoughtful gifts and gestures and Tim the one who forgets. Don't tell him I said this but it was kind of fun being the superior more thoughtful one.

So I decided to make a card out of watercolour. 
Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration...

Luckily for me Hubby does not know what Pinterest is, let alone it's vast magical powers. As far as he is concerned I came up with it all by myself.

I'm clever like that.

You know I think I was wrong to cancel Valentines. We hurt because we love but to love is the greatest thing about us. It deserves to be celebrated in good times and in bad.

 "There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved."  - George Sand


  1. I love the love that abounds in your life. Here's to the beautiful family you've created and to your Nan, may she rest in peace and be well remembered.

  2. It's true, the world can always use more love, even in times of sadness.

    My husband is in the same camp as yours, with the sole exception of little love notes and wildflower bouquets in summer. At Christmas, I stuff my own stocking. But! Sometimes, like yours, he surprises me.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.

  3. Now that was truly from the heart - what a great guy you have. Thinking of you tomorrow. hugs.

  4. Loved this.. so cute..he did great, congrats to his new found gift getting talent xo

  5. oops.. i meant gift 'giving'..I still have that baby brain thing going on

  6. awwww so sweet of him. keep him... love the watercolor wish we could have coffee and make some art then you could laugh at my art and I would agree but I would tell stories that would be much better than my art and you would be happy.

    1. I bet you anything I wouldn't laugh at your art :) seriously how fun would that be! xxxxx