Tuesday, 3 June 2014

35 years old

I turned 35 recently. And I thought I might feel weird about it but weirdly I didn't.

I woke up early and felt good. So good I went for a run.

The sun was just rising, with shards of light falling through the trees. The mist was floating around the grass. There was no one around because normal people were still soundly sleeping. It was one of those whoa moments. A 'this feels amazing' moments. I wanted to put it in my pocket and keep it. And by writing about it here I suppose I have.

My hubby and brother both bought me art books. My mum bought me succulents and pottery. They made me happy.

A friend surprised me by taking me out for breakfast at a garden center. She knows me well.

My husband took me and the boys out for food in the evening. I had a meal filled with prawns because on special occasions I always eat prawns.

Actually on normal occasions I also always eat prawns...

In the evening we watched a movie.

I mean I couldn't have planned a more perfect day for me. I didn't plan it in fact, it just happened all on its own. I didn't take a single photo. I think I was too busy enjoying myself.

To celebrate staying alive for 35 five years I thought I'd a write a 35 things list.

I love a good list...

35 things I'm loving right now...
(in no particular order other than in the order I thought them in which I suppose is a particular order if you think about it...)

1. My friends. I'm lucky, I've got really good ones. They don't know it and some I don't see or speak to that often but man I love them so much.

2. Running in the morning. (See above) I'm not consistent but when I do it I love it.

3. My growing, messy, randomly but lovingly tendered garden.

4. My food. My fat intolerance continues but my taste buds have adapted and REAL food is changing my life.

5. Art books. I have hundreds, I eat them for breakfast.

6. Drawing, painting, creating... I wish I was better at it.

7. Watching the original Star Wars trilogy with my boys for the first time with my dad. Being one of my favorite childhood memories of my dad. It was special.

8. Coffee. I'm new to the game but i'm a devotee now...

9. Walking in the woods it soothes my soul.

10. My husband, my best friend, the dad I knew he would be, who lets me be exactly who I am...plus he cooks amazing food... (sorry I thought of you tenth!)

11. Starting to do more cooking myself, I get why hubby does it, it's like meditation...
As long as cbeebies is on...

12. Making plans. I have so many my head could burst.

13. My camera. It keeps me in the moment.

14. Birdsong. Have they got louder or am I getting better at listening?

15. Dark chocolate with orange and almonds. I may be addicted.

16. Making friends with colour. For years the only things in my wardrobe were purple or black. I was always trying to blend in...

17. How much I love my messy, fun, loud and hilarious children. They are teaching me so much about happiness and being who you really are.

18. Being a stay at home mum. Who knew?

19. Isaac's imagination is big and bold. His not yet funny jokes. His drawing, building, pretending...

20. Lucas' strength, his laughter, his love of small creatures, his kisses, saying randomly all day, everyday 'I love you mummy...' I'll miss that when it stops...

21. How much they love each other. They are starting to get in jokes. They keep making dens all over the house. They annoy each other less and less. And therefore me less and less...

22. The walk to school through the woods. There are squirrels.

23. This blog and blogs I read. I'm constantly inspired.

24. Game of thrones. Hannibal. Actually the list is endless...

25. Road trips. They just keep getting more fun now the boys are bigger...

26. My brother. I miss him.

27. Being myself more. I'm getting braver. I'm finding my voice.

28. Fire. It's mesmerizing. I love a campfire. I'm eyeing up a log burner for our living room.

29. Mountains. We went through the Black Mountains in Wales this half term, so damn beautiful. I reeaaally wish I lived near mountains.

30. Our new kitchen table which should be arriving today. Our old one decided it had had enough and collapsed while I cleaned it. Bit rude. We have been without one for months. It's oak, it's lovely, I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait... 

31. Music, singing in the kitchen at the top of my voice while cleaning. There may be some dancing. The neighbors must be judging...

32. Speaking of music currently loving Jake Bugg, Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, Artic Monkeys... And the song 'Let it go' from Frozen obviously...

Man its hard thinking of 35 things. I must be old...

33. Movie night.

34. Game night. I'm currently top of the league with Lucas a close second...No I don't let them win we play for reals.

35. Changeable weather. I'm easily bored so it's keeping me on my toes. This constant sun and rain thing is enjoyable. The cloud formations are moody and dramatic. Although can I suggest to the weathergods a few thunderstorms? I really love them...



  1. Happy 35th Birthday to you! I'm liking your list. I sing and dance in the kitchen all the time :)

  2. Such a rich life! Happiest of birthdays to you my dear!

  3. Happy Birthday! I love lists. They're like a short-cut to getting-to-know someone. And speaking of weather, we just had a massive dry lightening storm; it was like fireworks. ~Cheers, Gretchen

    1. Yay we have had loads of thunder and lightening since I wrote this. I have actual magical powers!!!!