Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A space for art...

After smugly getting through the whole of winter without a single cold or flu last week me and the boys were ill. It wasn't bad though, just regular colds. It just meant that the house collapsed under the weight of the mess that piled up. And my tolerance for general child noise level and my ability to deal with demands from aforementioned noisy boys went waaay down...

But we're back in business as a family this week. I'm all over the housework (mostly), my to do list is enviable with the amount of big fat ticks on it and my fun mum level is rising again. Do you guys find that? When things spiral out of control, the next week or so you go super organised or motivated to readdress the balance? The bigger the extreme the bigger the attempt to fix it afterwards. I can guarantee that next week the laundry will laugh at me, the to do list will be lost, and i'll wonder what day it is...again.

It is a regular occurrence for me and I'm starting to accept that I am not and never will be a consistent sort of person. I'm more of a swinging from one extreme to another like Tarzan. So I may as well do my Tarzan call while i'm at it yo!

One thing I was still able to do with a snotty nose and a sore head was artwork. And some of you who follow me on Instagram will know I decorated my office last week. (I forgot to take a proper before picture)

Which meant that I spent all of bank holiday weekend looking like this...
Luckily I didn't need to leave the house much.

I'm so excited to have revamped my office. It was still decorated as a nursery from when Lucas was a baby and the desk was too large and awkward for such a small room. I have a new desk which now makes it a lovely place to sit down and create.

Which I did...

I really like making cards for people...

I made this card for my dad's birthday because he's really into steam punk...

He loved it and it was strangely satisfying to draw...

Speaking of birthdays, it's my birthday tomorrow!

I'm 36, which is weird because in my head I'm still about 23...

And sometimes when I'm in a silly mood I'm probably closer to 8.



  1. Wow, your art is just stunning. You are very talented. I can just imagine how wonderful it feels to have your own space, revamped and decorated just for you. Enjoy.

    Happiest of days tomorrow. Hope the year ahead is filled with wonderful things.

    1. Thank you for your lovely words. So far i'm having an amazing day xx

  2. Happy Birthday tomorrow! Your steampunk dragonfly rocks! and I'm glad you have your own creative space now :)

    1. Thank you! I have no excuse now. I need to get painting more xx

  3. So glad you guys are all on the mend!

    Can I just say I love that steampunk dragon fly!! Coolest dragon fly ever. And I'm jealous of your creative space. Mine is currently the kitchen table which doesn't leave a lot of space for doing other things. Like eating.

    1. Thank you! I enjoyed painting it a lot I may have to do some more in that style. Its nice to have a space, whether I keep it nice and don't let mess pile up is another matter ;)

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