Friday, 12 June 2015

Life is good weird...

Just when I thought I was better I got ill again.

Don't worry though I'm better now.

Although I've said that before...


It's a weird time for me. Life is good so it's good weird. When I started this blog I had a very active toddler and a baby. Getting dressed, brushing hair and managing to poop uninterrupted was a good day. (Sorry I just made you think of poop but if you have kids you know exactly what I mean). This blog allowed me to be creative and most importantly helped me to find all the lovely things around me that can otherwise go unnoticed. Especially when you have little to no sleep and two little ones constantly needing things from you.

I mean two little ones who's actual survival depends upon you. Ahhh! I cycled between anxiety and exhaustion a lot.

This blog brought me back to the present moment and said 'yes but look how beautiful that is?'

Now they are both at school full time. At first I was distracted by the wedding I shot and the house I did up. But now life is quieter. And I feel the shift in my life. Not having some obvious goal feels weird. I feel a little aimless. I see friends for coffee here and there but mostly I'm locked in a constant, and if I'm honest, losing battle with housework.

I see you laundry and yes I hear you laughing...

I'm still loving my role as stay at home mum and I don't want to give it up. The amount of times I get asked 'what do you do all day?' has increased dramatically. And despite the questions I get from people, it works for us. Isn't that what we should all do? Find what works for us as families and as people. We are all so different so there isn't a one size fits all situation here.

As well as the housework (grrr!) I do most of the cooking now which surprises me because I really enjoy it. I do homework which I enjoy less! I get to go to plays/ sport days/ assemblies. I sometimes do little photo shoots for friends and family which leads to a few weeks of photoshopping. If I have time I can garden. I can paint. I can blog. I'm starting an online art school in Sept/Oct. Which is so exciting because as you know I regret never going to art school. So you see it's good. A nice little life that I am enjoying.

And what do I do when I feel a little aimless and possibly crushed under the weight of my own laundry...?

I try to do little things to disrupt the mundane. And hopefully improve myself in the process.

And I think I should blog about it more.

For example I just did a personal 30 day yoga challenge. I really like that whole 30 days to instill a habit idea. And there so many habits I'd like to have that I just don't. It went great although there were more than a few days where suddenly it was 10pm I was like 'oh crap I totally forgot to do yoga, I'd better do something quickly!'

My rule was to just do something Yoga or stretching related, no matter how well you do it or how long you do it for.

Just do something everyday.

About halfway through I found Adriene on YouTube so started to follow her videos. She does her own 30 day challenge that I wish I'd found earlier. But I started where I was at. The videos aren't long and they are really easy to follow. She even does a very relaxing yoga video for when you are sick so I had absolutely no excuses.

I don't know why I didn't blog about that. I think I was self conscious of my dubious yoga ability and aware that consistency is not my strong suit. But who cares right? Were all human, we all start and fail and hopefully we try again. I did it and felt good about it. And then I really wished I had told you about it. I feel stronger and more flexible and I want to keep it up even if I look ridiculous doing it.

(I mean that's what shut curtains are for right?).

So I'm starting another 30 day challenge to paint every day. And this time despite fears that I won't be any good or stick to it, I'm telling you about it.

Plus I have his new beautiful office/art space just begging to be used!
Please note the Where The Wild things poster above. This is thanks to my brothers birthday money. Thanks Bro!

Day 1 painting. A Steampunk Ladybird. I liked the dragonfly one so much I thought I go with this style for a bit. See my Instagram for updates on my paintings. #painteveryday

Maybe you'd like to start a 30 day challenge. If so I say go for it. It can be absolutely anything. You never know where it might lead you...

And I'd love to hear about it if you do.


Lastly here's a few Little things I'm loving at the moment... (because they always make me happy)

Veg patch is starting to grow nicely (*ahem* please ignore unkempt lawn)

Front garden is starting to mature after a few years of work...

Remember how it used to look...

and now...

My Nan's rose bush is still alive!...
I get excited every time the first flower blooms and I think about her whenever I look at it. It's nice. I'm glad I have it and I really hope I don't kill it. So far so good.

Daisies! I'm actively trying to grow more of these babies...

No more weedkiller on our grass...

This contemporary artwork I discovered in my kitchen. You will have noticed that the title of the piece is Poo...

I recently photographed my Granddads 80th birthday party. I haven't finished photoshopping them yet if any family members are reading but I'm nearly there...

These two pictures were particular favourites...
Happy Birthday Poppy!

And Happy Weekend to the rest of you. I hope it's good weird x


  1. While I can't totally relate to the empty house now that kids are at school, I can relate to the extra time I have now that my little man is much more independent, and keeps himself busy for longer periods of time without me. It is exciting, and bittersweet. I love that you are finding the time and space to do 30 day challenges, what a great idea. And since you are sharing your current challenge, I look forward to following along :)

    I love daisies, the wild ones are in bloom here now, the ones in my garden are still a month away from blooming.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Exciting and bittersweet is the perfect way to describe it! Thanks, hope you are having a lovely weekend too x

  2. It's a beautiful life you've cultivated. xoxo

  3. For over thirty years I have been a stay at home mama, and now only have one left at home and he is 17. There is always something that needs attention and I take pride in doing my 'job' as a mama and home owner very seriously.

    I adore doing yoga with Adriene, isn't she the best? I am on my third trip around the 30 day challenge and will keep on doing it as long as I can.

    Your paining is just beautiful and I love that you are painting each day. I paint some, but not like I use to, now knitting takes up most of my time.

    Enjoy a great weekend Sian.

    1. You are right it is a job to take pride in.

      Yes Adriene is the BEST. I only wish I had found her sooner!

      A lovely weekend to you too xxx

  4. Good for you, all around!!!

  5. It is a strange transition, but full of possibilities- like your art class! I'm excited to see more of what you are working on! I guess we all go through stages where we have to kind of reinvent ourselves and decide what we want to do with our lives. I'm on the verge of such a transition too. My little one is starting first grade in two months leaving me at home all day on my own. It's scary, but exciting at the same time.

    1. Yes exactly! When Lucas started full time school last Sept I was suddenly on my own all day and I was like 'omg what the heck do I do now??' xxx

  6. We'll be down to one baby at home in just a few weeks when school starts back up. It will seem much less busy, and before I know it, he'll be in preschool as well. I definitely don't wonder what I'll be doing all day - LAUNDRY! lol ;) Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely art.