Tuesday 1 February 2011

Got a thing for ducks?

If your answer was 'not particularly' then you are like me. They are nice and all and my kiddies love them. But other than that I don't pay much attention to them. My brother on the other hand loves all things wild especially birds. And I'm sure ducks get him just as excited too. Anyway since he moved over to America, I've found my self capturing the odd bird on camera thinking 'oooh my brother will love this shot!' Sometimes even getting excited when I see a particular bird in the garden. OMG has he finally after 31 years achieved  his goal and turned me into a twitcher? I doubt it! I still don't care about the names etc but getting a good photo I do enjoy. Anyway back to Ducks. Today as a way of getting out of the house and peeling the little darlings of the walls I decided to go feed the ducks by the canal. Well they were on form! Looking through my photos I thought hmm maybe Ducks are rather pretty and interesting after all. 

So Mark this post is especially for you...

Now normally these ducks are pretty hungry and surround us like a pack. Today however they enjoyed the odd nibble but they seemed to be a 'bit' more interested in each other. Just add a Barry White soundtrack to this and think Frisky thoughts and you'll know what I mean...
"Hey baby what's your sign?"
" I'm NOT a female duck and you could at least buy me dinner first!"
"I'm outta here"
I think this dude is just causing trouble for the fun of it! He looks like he's laughing... 

While the boys are playing they are missing the hot chick just waiting to be noticed...

At one point I think they were even putting the moves on me (or maybe I just don't get out enough...)
Duck: "Hey Human you come here often...?"
Me: "...Um...maybe once a week...why?"
Duck "You know you're chunky...I like that"
Me: "Yeah I gotta get going..."
Duck "Wait, You gotta see my moves..."

Duck: "Suit your self Chunky human."
 Now cue Top Gun soundtrack...
"take my breath away..."

Aw at least these two seemed to have found love...

Or is she about to make a jump for it...?

So I was thinking 'hey I might have some good shots here so lets get on home.' Isaac however asked if we could walk for a bit longer. I'm so glad I did because some thing magical happened. It must have been a combination of lighting, our position and the fact that I wasn't taking everything on Auto (like I usually do) but look at these freaking pictures! Its not me I got lucky and If I hadn't listened to Isaac I would have missed it...

 Nice huh? Well then it was time to go home. However there was this one little dude who was all
"wait for me" 
"sorry little ducky dude. You missed the boat!"
The probability of me writing about about ducks was very low but here it is. 


  1. Gorgeous post Sian!

    How is it possible to spend an hour enjoying the iridescent feathers on a Mallard drakes head, or admiring the flash of the speculum (bright patch on the wing) when the hen spreads her wings, and not want to see more? Then, while you're are drawn in by nature's art work, drawn on their feathers with evolutionary brush strokes, you can't help but notice their day to day dramas, and I think you'll agree, Big Brother has nothing on them.

    More please, much more

  2. Yes, I do love ducks. These are excellent photos Sian!

  3. aww :) You got a bunch of great photos of these little friends! I am a fan of ducks, I used to raise them ! Cute!