Monday 31 January 2011

Cheeky face

I love this shot. I took it while we were playing in the garden last week. We were playing hide and seek and I had to say 'where is Isaac?' and he would jump out giggling. This of course had to be repeated over and over. Each time he was just as excited as the time before, even though he was hiding in the exact same spot every time. I love how he's sticking his tongue out all mischievous and excited.

Thursday 27 January 2011

Playing in the garden

This month we haven't been able to get outside as much as I'd like. The weather has been a bit cold and wet. Plus the kiddies have had one illness after another. This week though they are doing much better. Although I could fill big bucket with the amount of snot that is free flowing in this house. Anyway the point is, we have managed to play in the garden and Lucas has been able to get to grips with his first ever pair of wellies.

Lucas did a lots of  this...
'I've got it, I'm standing!...'


'Um this cant be right...'

'What's this? better eat it just to be sure...'

We were out the next day as well.

'The commute from home to the garden is killing me...'

 'So what do I do with this then?'

'Mummy could have got me matching gloves at least!'

'Where that brother of mine?'

Aw here he is...

They are really starting to play with each other now.  Sometimes for a good few minutes before someone gets pushed over.

 But the snot people. So much snot...
Its so much easier now I don't have to carry Lucas all the time. I just have to make sure Isaac doesn't wrestle him to the ground too much. Also if it doesn't snow again soon I'm going to fall out with winter and start wishing for Spring. Mainly so we can get outside more.

Friday 21 January 2011


 I thought I might share our bedtime routine. Starting with bathtime!

Night Night every one. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite.

Thursday 20 January 2011

First ever pair of shoes

Yesterday my baby got his first pair of shoes! How is that possible? A minute ago he was just born and now he's walking around wearing little people shoes. 

Aw aren't they lovely? He did really well unlike his brother a few years before who screamed the place down. In fact as soon as we put the new shoes on Lucas he ran off laughing into the shop. The shop assistant was like 'um yeah I think he's got the hang of it...' Just a tad I thought running after him.

Couldn't resist getting him some wellies like his big brother's as well... 

So here he is. My not a baby anymore big boy in his new shoes!

Tuesday 11 January 2011

There's no place like home

Last weekend we went to my parents house in The Forest of Dean for the weekend which is where I grew up. We go there pretty regularly but with weather and illnesses it had been a while this time. It's funny when I was younger I couldn't wait to leave and explore the world, now its comforting to return to my childhood home. It's also freaky to be putting my children to bed in the same room I went to bed as a child. I'm like 'wait I'm a mum! How did that happen?' Also I realise what a beautiful place it is even if I never really noticed that at the time. We went for a nice long walk on Sunday and I took some photos (surprise surprise). So I thought I would share a little of this place with you...

Hey I can see my house from here! (and my old secondary school for that matter *shudder*)

So I decided to take Tim and Isaac up the quite a big hill to get some nice views. Plus I was pretty sure there were some Ponies or horses there. This horse looks less than impressed with what hubby is offering. 
This particular place is also where me and a childhood friend had gone for a walk when we were teenagers. We got chased by some hungry ponies. (You know ponies? Those really cute friendly animals) As we jumped over the stile, her foot got stuck and she landed face first into the mud. It shouldn't, but it still makes me laugh thinking of that...
Hee hee good times.
Anyway so we continued up the hill...

We reached some welcoming gates clearly open to everyone...

Actually this is on the public footpath (honest!) but there were things up there that definitely weren't there when I was younger...
 Yes I would definitely remember seeing those as a child!

Now for some of the lovely views...
Isn't it lovely? Anyway it wasn't long after this that we accidentally took a wrong turn and got told off by a grumpy farmer. Oops! Hubby was all like 'how can you not know where you are going? You lived here all your life!'... Actually this isn't the first time we've got told off by a farmer when I've taken Tim on a walk here. It's not me its lack of clear signs for public footpaths! 

Don't worry we made our way back down...Eventually

Almost home now and not far from another friends childhood home @herrygilly. The little man was getting a bit cold now that the sun had gone behind the hill but he didn't get grumpy. He sang some songs and hit daddy on the head from time to time.
Wait! cant go past this and not show you my favourite tree in the whole wide world! Sorry its not the greatest photo but we were rushing to get Isaac in the warm.
Me and @herrygilly used to play by this tree alot. We would also play hide and seek when the grass was long and go sledging when there was snow. I even kissed a boy for the first time right under this tree! It's really cool looking too because at some point in time before we found it, it got struck by lightening. So the inside is split open and hollow. It's still blackened inside and yet its still standing and growing each year. Love it! Also I got chased by some cows here once. I think I must bring it out in animals or something....

So there you go. Thanks for taking this little nostalgic trip down memory lane. I think its good to remember where you came from.