Sunday 13 May 2012

Decking is so hot right now...

There has been a small break in the weather guys! I may have a tendency for the dramatic at times but I seriously almost forgot what life without rain was like...

So last week when the weather forecast said dry, we decided we could finally build the decking in our garden. I've been desperately hoping to have it built for over a month now. Apparently I'm not so good with being patient. I can't believe I'm about to do a blog post on our new decking but here we are. You never know, I may be about to make decking sexy...
1. First things first. Know what you are doing!
If you are hopeless at DIY like my hubby you may need to enlist an expert to help you. In our case it was my dad, whom we affectionately call the decking king. 
He is a legend around these parts...
They say if there's a space free, just blink and he'll have decked it. I can tell you this is no exaggeration.
2. Collect together all the equipment you are going to need...
3. And arrange them in a organised and careful manner...

4. Remember to impress others with your big power tools. 
The bigger and the more destructive the better...

5. Listen to and follow instructions carefully...
 'You want me to put this where?!'
(Really carefully...)
6. Work nonstop until the job is done.
 Or at least until cups of tea or little distractions arise...
7. Remember to accept the constant grumbles and arguments coming from expert/decking legend over the correct handling of a drill because that is the only way you will learn to do it properly.
 (Or in my hubbies case the only way you learn how to break it completely.)
8. If there just happens to be a wannabe photographer around, allow her to freely roam around taking millions of photos of seemly ordinary things. 
Even if it seems she is completely and utterly in the way. It's possible she just got carried away...

9. When you are finished step back and admire your handy work. 
Even if you did miscalculate how much wood you would need to make a nice helpful step at the front...

10. Know that it will of course rain the moment anyone even thinks of actually hanging out on it.

But hey it looks nice in the rain too...

I still can't believe I just did a post on decking. I am SO not in my twenties anymore...


  1. It looks great, even without a step! Hahaha!

    1. haha all I see is no frigging step! just kidding,

      Im loving it I just need some sun so I can lounge around on it ;)

  2. hahahaa.... You're getting older missus!!! Still not caught me up though. ;-/
    This is super.. and wow what a professional job they have done. Will you be putting patio furniture on it do you think or flowery pots etc.?
    Jennie. x

    1. I'm thinking two wooden chairs, a wood burning/barbecue thing and flowery pots etc. Its possible it will be a tad crowded...

  3. Wow, nice work! Now bring on the sun!

    1. I know right? Just give me a little weather gods!

  4. Ha this reminds me of the time a woman from New Zealand at work kept telling me about her new 'dick'. It took me ages before I worked out what she was talking about, lol! xx

    1. bahaha! That is so funny I just spat my tea everywhere! (totally worth it)

  5. That looks wonderful!!! Enjoy it!