Wednesday 6 June 2012

Date with my youngest...

Recently when the sun was shining and my oldest was at preschool, Lucas and I had a date with a certain playground he loves. We had it completely to ourselves...

'Okay just give me a hint of what exactly i'm supposed to do here...'

Quality time just the two of us is rare and therefore all the more special when it happens. There is no 'I'll just quickly do the washing up' when you are at a playground. It was relaxing just to watch him quietly climb and explore his surroundings. And for once he didn't try to leg it out of the park as far as his little legs could take him.
There was this collection of stones he was loving climbing all over and looking for bugs on. I managed to sound excited about the spiders he found (just about)...

Watching this little dude is better than meditation any day of the week...

He did eventually come away from the stones...
*Sigh* Mama said there'd be days like this I just didn't believe her.
Stay sweet everyone...


  1. What a great park! Love the picture of Lucas looking through the other tires!

  2. What a lovely little adventure on a lovely day:)

  3. One on one time... he will treasure it! Lovely black n whites... i really should do more in b&w myself. :-)

  4. Wonderful day in the park!
    You will treasure these photos for years!
    Have a great day again today!
    Lea's Menagerie

  5. He is so cute. I so have a girlfriend for him. ;)
    I've missed ya.