Saturday, 7 July 2012

It's been a while huh?

Things have been kind of crazy lately. Just life piling up you know?

My Nan is really ill in hospital and my granddad isn't coping very well generally. It's been a worrying time. She has a lot of health issues anyway but seeing her so ill in hospital has really shocked me. I really hope she recovers.

We call my Granddad 'Poppy'. We always have since my brother was little and couldn't pronounce Grampy. At the moment we have one lone poppy growing in our garden. It makes me think of them every time I see it...

I have had no less than 6 sore throats in the last 3 months that lasted ages. Honestly my Tigger ability to bounce back when feeling overwhelmed was severely disabled by this. I always think one of the hardest parts of being a mum is the fact that you cannot rest when you are sick. No duvet days allowed, you just have to keep going. I want to exercise to boost my energy but every time I go for a run I get a sore throat the next day. It's very frustrating. I'm waiting on blood tests but I think it's just life.

Recently Isaac had a minor operation on his 'pee pee' (I can't say 'penis' seriously) the other week to correct a small birth defect. I was so worried about the operation would he be scared? how will it go? that I didn't think about the recovery. 

The operation went perfectly but he was in a terrible state. Poor thing. I wasn't prepared for how uncomfortable he would be for days after, literally screaming out in pain. Horrible. But it is done now and he is almost fully recovered. 

However during recovery if you can believe it, both boys caught Hand, foot and mouth virus. Where from? We hadn't been anywhere?! Seriously? This made them both really ill and covered in sore spots. They were very contagious so we have been house bound for weeks if you include recovery from operation time too. 

I have serious cabin fever people. I was literally starting to doubt whether the outside world really exists or is it an illusion matrix style...?

Then there is the rain. The goddamn constant rain. Apart from a few weeks in spring and the odd day here and there it just keeps raining. I like rain a normal amount you know, I can find beauty in it but I've literally had enough now... 

Okay so that is kind of beautiful. 
I Just feel like I blinked and missed summer.

It's like free falling, I felt ill, I felt tired, the boys felt ill, everyone seemed to be ill, the house got messier, the laundry pile got scarier, my head got stressier (that is SO not a word)...

I think everything I just said above is why I haven't blogged. I like to be honest here but I do focus mainly on the good on this blog for sure. I mean every now and then I open up about something I'm struggling with and I'm always glad I did. The support that comes back is so reassuring. But the above stuff (my Nan aside) just sounds like whining. There are worst things in life I know. I just felt overwhelmed and tired. Like every other mum in the world huh?

Okay so they are clearly worth it...

But little by little I can feel the Tigger in me preparing to bounce... 

Plus i'm overdosing on Echinacea ...

Plus the sun has popping in for a brief visit today. And everything looks better in the sun...

I think these two are marking there territory...
Excuse the weeds, did I mention it has been raining... 

So right now i'm focusing on getting healthy. 

I think when life gets out of whack in this way, eventually something kicks in and motivates you to rebalance things. I keep thinking we need to simplify again. We are watching too much TV (from them being ill), we are rushing our meal times, due to rain we have stopped our after dinner walk, exercise has stopped, taking time to rest and look after myself has gone out the window. I'm not living in the moment like I do when i'm taking photos and blogging. Good grief I haven't been taking photos!!!

It's little things that make the most difference. So this morning Tim took the boys out for a long walk in the woods and I had a long soak in in a hot bath. Pampering myself with all the products I have but never use. Taking some me time made a huge difference and mums don't do it nearly enough. I stuck teabags on my tired eyes and check me out I even made homemade bathsalts!

Wanting to feel less run down and tired I'm also thinking about the food we eat. I don't think diets work and most of our food is healthy and home cooked thanks to hubby anyway. However recently I read about the health benefits of eating less meat. Easy now cows in the next field, don't relax just yet. I'm not going to be a vegetarian, I love meat but does it need to be a part of every meal? This video decided it for me. Also a diet with more variety, more fish, more vegetables, less bread can't hurt.  So if any of you have any awesome vegetarian or fish dishes send them my way.

I want to make meal times an event again...
I want to see the little things that make life sweet again...

ah there we are...


  1. So sorry you've had such a tough time with life. I hope your Nan gets well again soon, and you too. Glad you took care of yourself. The boys are getting so big!

  2. Wowsa, that's a lot for one Tigger to handle! Glad you're coming out the other side and I hope your Nan is too.
    Don't waste time feeling bad about letting it out. We have to vent sometimes or we explode. And although there is always someone out there who has it worse, we still feel our troubles acutely, little or otherwise.
    I know you will bounce again, especially if the sun will ever cooperate.
    That last pic just kills me. Oh, the love<3

    1. haha I know how cute is that last one! Thanks hon *kisses*

  3. ohmygosshhh... i had no idea you (and family) had been quite so poorly... it sounds like youve had a pretty horrendous couple of months. {{hugs}} I hope your tests come back with some answers... that sore throat of yours sounds worrying. Do you like honey? its THE best thing i can recommend for you. a teaspoon of 'local' honey a day will work wonders for hayfever/skin/sore throat.
    The rain is depressing me so much... lack of exercise is a killer i agree. Im buggering off to Oz... you coming??? :-D