Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sunday is easily my favourite day of the week...

Sunday is easily my favourite day of the week.

It was not always so.

Saturday was the obvious favourite as a child with morning cartoons and playing all day with friends. No obligations whatsoever just a day for fun.

Back then Sunday however had obligations aplenty. It was the day we went to church. I didn't hate going to church but it made the day feel more serious. There were important things to be done before fun could be had. You know? I had to dress smartly, be polite and well behaved in front of all the old people and during the service I had to sit and listen to someone talk for what used to feel like an age. That's not to say it was completely unenjoyable. I liked the singing and it wasn't long before I was found chasing my friends around the graveyard, playing hide and seek, doing cartwheels and headstands, climbing all over the gravestone (yikes!) and eventually going home with my smart clothes looking like they have been through a hedge backwards (which they probably had). We also went to church in the evening too and sometimes over to the old peoples home to do a visit and service there. So you weren't home free until later in the evening which is when you get that 'it's the evening before you go back to school' feeling.

I no longer go to church or have those beliefs but somehow Sunday has become an important day. A good day.

As some of you know unless the weather is rubbish I often go for a bike ride on my own...

I love it because I do a little exercise but mostly because I take pictures and enjoy the surroundings. It's almost like meditation...

I'm reminded of lyrics from that Faithless song 'This is my church, this is where I heal my hurts...' I often think that even those of us unable to believe in God still need a place to reflect and find peace. This is where I get mine.

Taking the time to breath in the fresh air and notice the little things we normally miss when busy...
A reminder that no matter what life is good.

Sometimes you have to set up the good, which is where Pancake Sunday started...
Hubby makes the best American style thick pancakes. These ones were filled with banana and were soooo good. I say hubby makes them but he always has helpers...

I say use the word helping loosly as it usually consists of lots of this...
We set the table and pour the all important tea...
And within what seems like minutes our table looks like this...
Don't worry about those left overs we eat them for snack later ha!

And it was good.

Then the rest of the day is for play, see friends, do a blog post, take some more photos whatever you fancy. I think there is an unspoken rule about no housework which is a little like a day of rest.

Last Sunday I finally finished putting up photos on our bare walls. I take all these photos and then I never display them. So while the boys watching My Iron Giant (omg I love that film) I put them up...

What do you think?

Let me tell you about this picture! 
It is maps of our Favorite places in the world. The first heart is a map of Becket Massachusetts, the summer camp where we met. The second is Grachen in Switzerland were Tim has family and where we got engaged. And the last picture is Woolacombe North Devon where I have family and where we got married.

I saw it on Pinterest (which I am totally addicted to btw) and immediately went to the website to get one of my own. If you are interested it you can find it here. I'm not getting paid to advertise for them I just love it so much and the service was excellent. It was a little pricey so we got it as a long overdue anniversary gift for each other. By that I mean for the last 3 years we've had no money and said we will get something at some point and then never get around to it.

Sunday is a great day for doing those things you always mean to do but never do! Actually as you can see I find that Sunday is a great day for many things.



  1. Omg, I love that film too! And it's on Netflix for repeat(and repeat and repeat) viewing, so win!
    Damn, you good picture taker. I love the four black and whites. Perfect.
    That heart frame is so cool. I saw something similar on Pinterest where you cut out the shape of the state you live in, but I like yours way better.

  2. OMG Love the frames I want them and the images on this post are amazing those two flowers and the field as background to die for. amazing job.