Tuesday 5 February 2013


My Nan passed away yesterday. It was expected, it was a long time coming. The way she went is the best anyone could hope for. At home, surrounded by family, peacefully. I got to say goodbye, to stroke her hair and tell her I love her.
Still I am so sad. Sad for her, sad for everyone grieving, sad for myself. I love this picture.
You can't see her face but you can see my mum and her twin sister playing on her in a summer field. It could be me and my boys. A little moment of loveliness captured. That's all we really have, moments. That and the continuing family we create. She made my mum, my mum made me, I made my boys. 
We continue. We love. We create moments. She gave me lots of good moments. 


  1. Sian, so deeply sorry for your loss. May your wonderful memories be a source of comfort in the days ahead. Much love.

  2. :( I am sorry! Wonderful pictures to remember her by though...

    1. Thank you. I know aren't they lovely xxx

  3. Sian, I feel for your loss. When you love someone so much, it doesn't matter whether or not their leaving makes sense, is expected or whatever. It still leaves a gaping hole in our hearts, to experience such things.

    Your post is a lovely tribute to your nan, and to the love that you have for her. May the memory of her love carry you through this time of intense sadness.


  4. I'm sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace. I lost my grandmother in the most unexpected way. Grandmothers are very special. As you said though you still have the moments and that wonderful picture. I'm sure there will also be moments when you see her through the eyes of your boys. xo

  5. Sending you all my love.
    Thinking of you.