Saturday 9 November 2013

Did I mention that I totally love Autumn?

Oh yes that's right, about a trillion times.
And lately we can't get enough of Autumn walks with crunchy leaves and seemingly painted trees.

It wasn't long before we were all at it...

On this particular day we were with one of my besties and her daughter. 
Check out how unsurprised I am by this turn of events, while we posed...
Cheeky little monkeys....


  1. What fall fun!!! I agree - it's so gorgeous! That recipe sounds wonderful!

  2. LOVE Autumn! Love this post. We had a spurt of snow, but seem to be returning to fall, at least for another week : )

    1. Thank you. I love snow just as much but it will be a while for us...

  3. Awwww.. the bride and groom to be are adorable :) Love those tall, tall trees..