Saturday, 19 April 2014

Fairy door and childhood magic...

When I was young my imagination always ran wild. Every report card read 'always daydreaming', 'seems to be in her own little world', 'needs to concentrate more'...

I was concentrating actually just not on the task at hand.

I believed and imagined a great many things and it added magic to my childhood. My mum encouraged and allowed this magic. She would listen to my stories and ideas with enthusiasm. She never told me to stop daydreaming and concentrate more. I'm so grateful for that.

Although funny story...

One evening I remember talking in depth about fairies and fairy world. Maybe from a story we had just read, I can't remember but I do remember that I was excited. Smiling she gave me a kiss goodnight and went downstairs. A few minutes later I heard this strange jingling sound. It was so out of place that I jolted in my bed. I looked over to my desk where my tambourine had been and it was gone.

I jumped to the only logical conclusion:

A ghost had stolen my tambourine and was now taunting me...

I probably wouldn't make it through the night...

In a word it scared the crap out of me.

In the morning I told my mum about the terrifying events that had taken place the night before. I let her know that she was lucky to see me alive. With wide 'uh oh' eyes she admitted to me that she had taken the tambourine to make magical fairy noises thinking it would inspire me further. It hadn't occurred to her that I would be afraid.

Strangely I still didn't doubt the existence of fairies until the tooth fairy failed to show up one morning. I was playing with toys on my bedroom floor when I saw my mum sneak behind me and place 20p under my pillow. Later I asked her for the truth. You know? Whats the deal? Are these fairies real or not? I think she could tell I was ready to know so she told me the truth. They weren't real but that I shouldn't for spoil it for younger children who still believed. I have friends who tell me when they found out about Santa they were devastated and felt lied to. In this case I didn't feel deceived, I felt grown up and in on something special. I think it was because like the tambourine, she knew when to tell me the truth. I never did spoil it for anyone. Well except now, maybe I should have put spoiler alert on here...

Back to the present day, the boys found something special in the garden this morning...
I bought it on Etsy here
They were a tad excited!

However I have been a little conflicted about all this  With this door I was determined to let them make their minds up. I was ready to ask 'well what do you think?' but it took me by surprise when Isaac asked outright 'did you put it there mummy?' I almost shook my head no but stopped myself and went instead with 'what are talking about let me come see?'. I even fake walked the wrong way which Tim thought was hilarious. I found myself saying 'maybe it's a doorway to pixie land...'

My nose grew like Pinocchio...

And I regretted it though when Isaac said his friends might not believe his mummy didn't put it there. I wondered if his unease came from some doubt he had too. I just repeated 'um what do you think...?' This magic making stuff is tricky...

I'm torn between telling my children the truth when they ask and allowing for the excitement on their face like when the tooth fairy came and left glitter all over the bed. Messy little thing...

I wondered what is the difference between this and the fact that the Easter bunny is coming tomorrow? I realised the difference is that he asked me outright if I put it there. And I felt weird about that. So in the end I admitted that I bought it hoping to bring some magic into the garden. Initially he was a little disappointed and I thought oh crap I've ruined it. Now wishing I had left it alone I showed him the door online and read to him the description:

This door can also accommodate pixies, elves, hobbits, and even the tooth fairy...This door does not open except for the 'Wee Folk' that dwell within.

Isaac then asked 'is it magic though?' clearly wanting to believe that it is. 
'What do you think?' I said thinking here we go again... 
Yep definitely magic! he assured himself

Good grief what a pickle I made of that! I think i'm going to stick with what do you think? line and stop elaborating and over thinking. There is no need to make tambourine noises here, I will just let his imagination run wild. Since he is just like his mummy it probably will.

Let me leave you with this though. Isaac pointed out that there was a little bit of glitter near the door. I didn't add glitter although I wish I had thought of that!

I looked closer to see what he was misinterpreting as glitter and he is right.

There was actual glitter by the door, I kid you not...

I think I need to ring my mum as ask her again: You know? What's the deal? Are these fairies real or not?


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  2. They are real- I believe in fairies too Sian. What is the world if there is not a little magic in our hearts?
    In Norway we have Trolls - I am convinced I see them when walking in the forest- and Fog horn saw one or two when we were visiting there you see.
    Imagination makes the world a better place.
    Good Job Mom, love the door and your sweet story.
    Have great weekend mrs. daydreamer :)

    1. We do need magic don't we? I think I over thought it too much lol xxx

  3. oops, My daughter above was signed into my gmail account - so the comment erased was from me- sorry.

  4. Aw - it's so hard to be truthful but let them have their imaginations runs wild. The glitter was such a special find!!!
    Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you! Happy Easter to you as well!

  5.'s awesome! I am the youngest of 6 children (including step-siblings), so I never really had a chance to *truly* believe in anything--there was just too much talk amongst the older siblings. I have no memory of ever really believing in Santa, or the Tooth Fairy, or any of it. I'd play along, hopefully, but I always knew it was my mom. I'm hoping to give my own kids something a little different. I've seen these fairy doors before; so wonderful! Thanks for the reminder. I'll check out etsy.

    1. They are so nice aren't they? beautifully made x