Saturday 4 June 2011

What a difference a day makes...

So lets get this show on the road. I've been doing some baking people! And they turned out pretty darn good (even if I do say so myself)

A little playing together

The play doh never stays separate colours very long do they?

Are you wondering if we always colour coordinate red Swiss T Shirts? Nah are you kidding? I'm not that organised. In-laws brought them back from their holiday. Hubby is half Swiss afterall...

Perfecting our pouts...

Enjoying the garden

Come on strawberries!

Watching everything growing...

Then of course there is the daily before bed water of the children plants

When it rain it pours huh?

Oh and lastly look at this beautiful Moth I found just chilling in the garden. I thought it was a butterfly but hubby proper geeked out with his little nature book and assures me that it is in fact a Moth. I love butterflies but freak out whenever there is a Moth about. Like FREAK OUT! You know? They get all fluttery and I'm convinced that they will somehow fly into my mouth... hubby is rolling his eyes right about now...

But this one is so pretty. Turns out I'm all about looks huh? How superficial of me!
I hope you are all having a great weekend x


  1. The playdoh pics are adorable! Looks like a fancy airplane! You have the next big playdoh artist on your hands there!

  2. Oh, how I love that shot of the boys with your reflection in the window! It's like you're holding them both inside of you - such a sweet shot of mother and sons:)