Tuesday 31 May 2011

Make it work

So what do you do on a hot day, when the kids are hyper and you can't for the life of you find the paddling pool? You make it work...

Isaac continues to keep everyone amused...

 After the fun is over Isaac refuses to get out as its 'way' colder outside than in the water...
Fair enough eh?

We are making use of the garden and driveway even if we are still in our PJs...

And I'm still photographing their every move...and more importantly they are still letting me...

 Poor little man Lucas' ears are often so painful!


  1. Poor little man! We call them tubes over here in the States - its a simple procedure here, I had it done twice as a child, it helped me so much and I hope it helps him too!!

    Looks like they loved the water bin!

  2. Poor dude! I hope those grommets get popped in soon and all is well. He still manages to be quite the cutie boy model though:)

  3. love love the images the 2nd one in the bucket playing with water is my fave.