Monday 17 October 2011


I've totally been meaning to show you this for ages. The Avebury stone circles in Wiltshire! It was still summer when we went and I took so many photos I couldn't face sorting through them all. I took so many in fact that my camera didn't speak to me for a week.
    My brother told me I should see these. He said it's was way better than the more popular Stonehenge. Well move over Stonehenge, this placed rocked. Literally, there were rocks everywhere...

Unlike one small circle of stones they sort of go through the whole village. Which was the quaintest English village ever...

So we wandered around enjoying the hot weather and looking at the weirdly shaped rocks all over the place.
We had to climb to get to some...

Lucas couldn't believe he was hanging out with Sheep too. Although they were less overjoyed by this prospect than he was...
The boys did some model poses on some unsuspecting ancient rocks, Lucas nailed the moody look in the distance look...
Some of these rock are really big!

And some not so much. 
Don't worry guys it what you do with it that counts...

There were cool patterns to touch...
And it may have been just me but I saw figures and faces everywhere...
The bottom middle shot was actually more of a belly button in my head, but hey if they have faces why not belly buttons too?

 This place is seriously pretty...

Now this place was a two hour journey from where we live so we had decided to drive another hour to stay at my parents house for the weekend rather than go home. My parents were actually visiting my brother in Seattle at the time so they wouldn't be there but we wanted to go see my grandparents. 
    However it was only as we left that Tim realised he had left my parents house keys on the kitchen table at home. It was stupid hot, the kids were overtired and grumpy, Lucas was settling in for tantrum number 6 or something, this would have meant a 4 hour round trip to get keys and go to my parents house. In short, I could have killed him. 
    Luckily for me I forgave him fairly quickly. Luckily for me? you ask. Yes very recently I accidently dropped his brand new work ipod touch. It completely smashed and he forgave me pretty much instantly. Let this be a lesson to all. Forgive easily for you do not know what stupid thing you might/definately will do in the future. 
    Anyway crisis was averted. It turns out my Grandparents had a spare key (yet another reason I'm glad I didn't go nuts).So off we went. Lucas had a party in the back... 

While his big brother clearly couldn't keep up...

And I tried to made stressed out hubby laugh. At this point despite the triumphant spare key success, we were stuck in a long traffic jam. Gotta love British motorways huh?
So Avebury rocks! Just remember your keys x


  1. So i wonder where in Britain Avebury actually is? I would really like to visit....
    you made me laugh with your stone faces.. i saw them too!
    Cant beat a quaint English village for a cool day out.. minus the motorway jams. They suck. We got stuck on the infamous M25 once for 3.5 hours.. truly awful.
    lovely blog post. x

  2. I want to visit you... love the spirals on the rocks looks like crop circles.

  3. You rock, rock. hehe
    And could Lucas' eyes be any more magical? I mean, really.

  4. What a fun adventure!! Love the pics and I would love to check that out one day!!

  5. This looks like a complete blast! Wish I could see it in real life some day!

  6. What a gorgeous place! Love it!