Wednesday 19 October 2011

Lady bug chaser...

I keep finding these little dudes everywhere...


  1. Lovely little bugs!
    And your post about the ancient stones is marvelous.
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. First off, we call then ladybirds in the UK *smack*

    Gorgeous photos though, you actually have two different species in those pictures, one which you have captured two colour variants: Harlequin ladybird and the 7-spot ladybird. Awesome.

    Keep those photos coming

  3. They are symbols of luck and protection so it's great to see them everywhere! And our house is full of them so we're good too:)

  4. I just love ladybugs! These shots are stunning, Sian!!

  5. We disturbed a nest FULL of ladybugs when we renovated our attic. Now in season we have a house full of ladybugs (but not like an infestation) and we love it! Or, I do anyway. Even my 7 & 8 year old start shrieking for me to rescue them because THEY'RE BUGS!!! (shrug) whatever.

    I only started noticing these ones that are more black then red around our parts. What is with those? They are quite stunning, but kind of freak me out because I wonder, were those around when I was a kid?

    Your photos of them are outstanding!

  6. Oh, and ps. I think I love blobbybirdman for his knowledge of such bugs! I mean birds. (ducks)

  7. Lovely pictures!

  8. The different types of Ladybirds on those leaves are so sweet, you have captured their colour against that deep green wonderfully. Focus is bob on as usual Sian. I have seen more Ladybirds this late summer/autumn than ever before. I wonder why that is?

    Oh and congrats on getting your concert tix !!
    Jenn. x

  9. those little dudes make me wanna sing =)