Thursday, 12 January 2012

Feeling it

You may have noticed in my last few posts that I haven't been feeling my usual New Year over excitement/enthusiasm. I told you it would happen...

Despite no freaking snow...

Despite oh so messy, might just move house rather than tidy, house...

It happened...

It started with a sunrise...
    Okay you have my attention...
 Then on the weekend I decided to go for the first bike ride in over a month. 'Why hello there saggy tummy. You were looking a little smaller before but now you are back to flop around to your hearts content.' Cue much needed bike ride in pretty countryside...
    Fresh air and the feeling of early Sunday morning superiority never fails to get me inspired.
Im feeling the urge to make a million New years resolutions!
Last year I set myself resolutions. and I imagine that my resolutios this year will be mostly similar.

I wanted to eat less and drink more water *ahem* yep I'll be need to resolve that again this year.

I wanted to exercise more. The three peaks didn't happen because my friend decided to have a baby so I decided to put a pin in that. But I did exercise more. I bought a bike and actually rode it regularly. More  than that I realised I love bike riding. Even more shockingly I took up running. I wont say I love it but I started to like it and felt good about doing it. This year I want to continue and do more of this. Especially because i'm getting more circle shaped by the day.

I wanted to be a better Mummy. More focused on them. I think I did okay. You know it's hard. You get tired. There are no mummy days off if you are ill or stressed out. But I think I did okay.

Take care of myself more. Nope still rubbish at this. My clothes have holes. My hair is usually a mess. I'm too tired to pamper. Make up? Whats that?
I will get better at this.

I wanted to draw and take photos every day. I didn't to that exactly but I did make some progress drawing wise. I also now have found the confidence to show you my progress...

I also did take ALOT of photos last year, no problems there. I'd like to learn more about photography though. I use Auto way too much.

Lastly I didn't do the digital scrap book thing but I am doing a make your blog into a book thingy. It's taking a while but I'm looking forward to getting a shiny pretty record of this here blog I've come to love so much.

The only resolution I want to add is to be true to myself. When I tell people I'm not going back to the security of a teaching job teaching, that I love being an at home mum and that in the future I really want to go into my dream of animation. With a bit of photography on the side. I will not let their expression of horror or judgement get to me. I will stop making excuses or justifications so they will be more accepting. I will own it. It's my life and I want to live it.

Oh and I will of course be awesome at all moments (except for when I'm not, because I'm only human for Christ sake)

Happy New Year!


  1. You SO should go into animation.. get your work out there girl - its fantastic!!! Ok so its gonna be hard going but you are practising and i think u are a natural anyway. i loved this inspiring blog post! :-) xx

  2. I like your resolutions. I think that keeping them is easy but finding the time to keep them is always harder.
    Good luck for this year. I'll keep an eye on your blogs and mark you out of 10 at the end of term. :-D

    1. oh yes I was a proper teachers pet at school, I respond well to marks out of 10, unless they are low then I crumble like a sand castle.

  3. Hope your spirits are lifted soon! You are a fantastic mom and a so creative, just know that!!

  4. I LOVE your dreams and you'll get no judgement or horror from me. 2012 looks likes it's shaping up quite nicely:)

  5. go for it hun... i am on that path making what i want into a reality. thanks for the comment yesterday. all my love xoxo

    1. BTW love this comment thingy how did you get it?

    2. honestly I have no idea it just appeared, lol Thanks for lovely comment hon xxxx

  6. i have only ever made one resolution and i stuck to it, nice photos especially those flowers (or weeds) what are they called, i keep capturing them too, I'm off to find out what they are called, trust your all well. all the best for 2012. x