Thursday 28 March 2013

Easter bonnet for boys

I wasn't going to post today but was way too excited to show you this... 

We had to make an Easter Bonnet for School and I had instructions for nothing girly! Not, as I reminded him, that there is anything wrong with girls because Mummy is a girl and Mummy rocks. He's too young to be rolling his eyes right? Don't worry I let him help. A little bit... No Mummy you can't eat it!

I enjoyed it way too much. I spent way too long on it.Can you tell I wish I had gone to art school?


  1. Oh my goodness you are beyond creative and he looks beyond adorable!!

  2. Oh wow that's awesome . The perfect Easter bonnet for a boy!

  3. How did you make this?? I'd love to try!

    1. I blew up a balloon to about the size of my kids head, although it was a little big for him. I then added water to PVA glue and started pasting strips of newspaper. Only on the top half of the balloon building up the shape I wanted.

      Once I had the egg shape I took a strip of foil and placed it around the middle and papermached the botton part of the foil to the egg. I left the top part so that would look like the silver wrapping coming undone.

      I left it to dry.

      The balloon fell out at this point.

      Then I painted it with poster paint from my hubbys school.

      I let that dry again then painted over once more with a layer of the water and glue to seal it.

      let it dry again.

      And that's it :)

  4. Im confused on foil part any chance ypu could explain in easier terms for a novice thanks

    1. Yep I did it as part of the paper mache process.

      So I'm layering and layering the paper mache making an egg shape...

      Once it looked like an egg I took a strip of tin foil (as big as you like as you can rip or fold the top bit later) and wrapped all it around the lower part. Leaving some space near the bottom of the hat...

      I then started layering on the paper mache again leaving the top of the foil free so it would stick out, but really sticking the bottom part of the foil securely on to the egg with the papermache...

      I layered and layered all around until it looked like it was part of the original papermache.

      Then let it all dry ready for painting later.

      I hope that helps. I wis i had taken photos of the process now because its difficult to explain. x

  5. GoIng to attempt this later, it's awesome

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