Sunday 10 March 2013

Mothers day and Chocolate Mousse

This morning I was awoken to muffled giggles and little footsteps along the corridor. Suddenly two little boys bounced into the room and jumped on the bed. Lucas proclaimed in his biggest voice 'Happy Birthday Mummy!!!' Close enough, I'll take it. Apparently when they woke up they made cards for me without prompting. Which they then presented to me. Isaac's had a face, kisses and his name on it and Lucas' was covered in big circular scribbles. Just perfect.
    Before long they were snuggled up and wriggling/giggling between us and I was thinking that you couldn't get a better start to the day...
I really really like being their mama.
My cards...

With School cards, Daddy led cards and impromptu morning made cards I did pretty good.
I also got some flowers chosen by Lucas and the promise of a Wisteria tree for the front garden from Daddy which wasn't available in the Garden Centre yet.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to your and your mama! I am so trying the mousse, but I need the garlic mushroom recipe too. Mmm, mushrooms.

    1. ooh I might post that next someone else mentioned that to me aswell x

  2. Happy mother's day to you! So glad oyu had a pleasant day - the mousse looks heavinly!

  3. Yes, please. I'll take two helpings for myself... ;-) I will most definitely be trying this recipe. It looks simple enough that I won't mess it up! LOL!

  4. Happy Mother's day. Love the new header and look to the blog. I also love the pic of you and your mom. :)

  5. Such love in this post. I just love it xx.. Happy Mother's Day.