Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My 34th birthday

Yesterday was my 34th birthday. 34 years on this earth.

Which if you think of it like that, is pretty cool.

Better than seeing it as some sort of  flaw of mine, an age to admit with embarrassment to those around me who are younger. Like with each year I should have somehow held back time. Stopped in its tracks those new little wrinkles, this expanding belly, that sly grey hair, the needing to be in bed at an reasonable hour because i'm so damn tired all the time...

Yep 34 years on this earth.

That sounds much better...

34 Years of breathing, heart beating, eyes seeing, head thinking, learning, dreaming, loving....

The list goes on...

I'm glad to be here and glad to be me.

And I think we should anticipate and celebrate our birthdays like we did as children. With excitement and pleasure.

Which is kind of what I did.

To make it all the sweeter my brother who lives far away in Seattle and I haven't seen in the flesh for two and a half years just happened to be in England AND was able to come stay for my birthday.

Whoop whoop!

The morning of my birthday Hubby made the best birthday breakfast I have ever had. I didn't need to eat again for like hours...
Which for me is really saying something.

He also got me our traditional birthday flowers...

I got cards and presents which made me happy. And later that morning we went for a walk with my youngest before he started preschool for the afternoon...

Too cute right?

We ate a delicious Lunch here...
If you going to do something you might as well do it right!

Then we spent an afternoon in the woods...

Indulging my brothers nerdy need to go bird watching...

I had a little go...
I don't think I could become a avid follower though. For one thing it hurt my neck always looking up...

And as always on my birthday in the evening was filled with good friends, delicious food and flowing wine. But I was enjoying myself too much to photograph any of it. 

So help yourself to a slice of cake and celebrate with me my 34th year of life x


  1. Happy Birthday yesterday Sian! Thanks for sharing your optimism here. You are inspiring! And that breakfast looks yummy- breakfast is by far my favorite meal!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Best wishes :). Sounds like a lovely day.

  3. Happy birthday!! That breakfast looks fantastic and so does your walk in the woods. Great shots of the birds too! I am jealous, I want to live in England :)

  4. Happy birthday hon!!! How nice you got to see your brother too!! And ofcourse the flowing wine is right up my alley xxoo

  5. Happiest of birthdays to you!!! SO nice you and your brother were able to be together!!

  6. Happy happy Birthday seems like you had a great one. Oh to be 34 again. I wanna go back...LOL

  7. Happy birthday Sean, from the West Coast of Turtle Island (North America)! Tho I'm not able to be here very often, I think about you and your yummy photos. <3

  8. I'm glad you're here and you're you too.

  9. Happy Birthday Sean. Have a long, happy and healthy life ahead. Even I am going to be 34 this year and thats really wonderful.

    I totally agree with your spirit about forgetting pains and living with joy. You're the best photographer and we are glad to have you here, on this beautiful earth.

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