Tuesday 18 June 2013

Daddy's day

Because he deserves it.We gave things worth more than gold in this house. A Sleep in... (until 8am because Isaac couldn't wait anymore)
Breakfast made by me rather than the other way around. (I rocked these poached eggs. It's hard to cook for someone who is a genius in the kitchen)

Time to read the paper (sort of)

Allowed to watch a full rugby match on the TV uninterrupted (mostly...)A shopping trip to buy something frivolous rather than something necessary. And by frivolous I mean he bought CD's because we are so rock and roll. A pub lunch and a curry with my brother in the evening (again with the rock and roll lifestyle).
With us its all about the little things...

Well that and food...And he does deserve it you know

We couldn't ask for a better daddy.


  1. What a nice day celebrating daddy!! The cars are beyond precious!

  2. I like those cards, especially the watercolor one!

  3. awww cute .. nothing like a nice family day .. some rock n roll is good for the soul xo