Saturday, 3 August 2013

Summer storms

This unusual hot and humid weather has brought with it thunder storms.
Loud exciting storms full of bangs and flashes of light.
They remind me so strongly of Summer camp where the storms would often rumble across the lake. And we would watch in quiet anticipation from the library porch...
When they roll in I open all the windows so I can feel the rain and the wind on my face, smell the air and breath in the excitement.
It's fitting this storm above me because it matches my own excitement...

and because I write this when I really should be packing suitcases...


  1. Yes! That smell, I love that smell and that sky - wow wow wow!!

  2. Your photos are awesome! They remind me of home in Arizona during monsoon season. Good memories!

  3. That vivid sky is absolutely gorgeous and alive! Beautiful photos!

  4. Love a good storm!
    Where you headed? A last minute family trip to Boston/Berkshires?

    1. I wish but you'd be the first to know hon! We've been in Switzerland!