Monday 29 July 2013

Day Trip to London

All day, everyday Isaac talks to me about Dinosaurs...

He literally eats, sleeps and breaths dinosaurs... 

He wants to be 'an explorer in the jungle and a Paleontologist and find dinosaur bones that no one has ever even seen before and name them Tonysaurus!' (He thinks Tony is the coolest name ever, I suspect and hope this won't last)
'Mummy do you know that T Rex only has 2 claws on each arm?
Mummy do you know that a Ankylosaurus has a club on his tail?
And that a Stygimoloch was a plant eater?
And that Brachiosaurus is the tallest dinosaur?
And that...'
And so on and so forth. I blame Dinosaur Train.
    In light of all this I promised that one day we would take him to Natural History Museum in London. And last week we couldn't put it off any longer..
While you look at this MANY photos of us swanning around London with ease please note that while it was indeed awesome there were times where it was really hard work. There was
excessive heat which made us all sweat more than is appropriate, a few meltdowns involving the sentence starters 'I want, I want I want...', some escape attempts by a certain Lucas Runs a Lot (his official name), long steep escalators in the underground where Isaac complained 'Mummy your squeezing my hand too tight!', crowded London streets by majorly busy roads where people showed no signs of caring that you are holding onto a small, precious and wild child. 
It was hard. It was a long day. Oh but it was so totally worth it. Difficult things usually are.
When we first walked into the main hall and came face to face with the massive Diplodocus Isaac's eyes grew so wide. Lucas shouted 'look a Dinosaur!' Already totally worth it...
It was amazing being so close to these ancient bones...
Arranged in a way to bring it all to life...
To hang out with some favourite friends and heroes...
For free I might add. The museum is completely free. I love that, open to all who want to see and to learn.
Lucas was not convinced by this at all...
Quick ice cream break...

Then into the Science Museum next door which is also free...
After all this excitement we were tempted to quit while we were ahead and get straight on the train home. Before the boys moved into the over tired danger zone (you parents know what I'm talking about). But how could we go to London and not go and see the Queen? The boys thought we would meet her and she would probably invite us in for a spot of tea. I told them it was unlikely. Seeing as she just had a new Grandson and all that. Otherwise...
    So off we went.

And man it was a risk that paid off...

Isaac: 'What's Big Ben?' 
'You know' I say 'The Clock Peter Pan flies past'
'Oh yes I know the one!'  
It took us a while to get to the Queens house though, 
there was so much to see on the way...

Another hero...

Into St James Park...
Finally we spot the Palace...
The Queen was clearly busy though so we'll have to catch up another day.Hot, tired and hungry, we caught the train home at about 7.30pm and didn't get home until 10pm. We were all finished.

However as I watched the world rush by outside the train window I thought about how glad I was that we had this little adventure.


  1. What a fun day!! Glad you didn't melt too badly (-:

  2. That museum looks awesome! What a fun place for little boys!

  3. after the first photo I couldn't focus. My gosh what a looker that one is. Those eyes. Are you ready!?!? In other news... I Love London :)

    1. Maybe one day i'll see you there hon! x

  4. That is the thing about Europe, so many educational kids activities for free.. and the gorgeous architecture of course. Please give my regards to the Queen the next time you have a chance to have tea with her ;) xx

  5. Gorgeous! We went to London before we had Henry and I loved the city and all the history. Hope to bring him back someday and seeing these pictures make me want to even more!