Tuesday, 17 September 2013

4th Birthday...

I have lots to tell you, things like:

That we went to the zoo recently so I desperately want to overload your eyeballs with pictures of cute animals...

That Isaac mysteriously lost the number 8, i'll explain later...

That me and Tim are competing to see who caves first and puts the heating on now that the weather outside is Autumnal. I can't stand being cold but i'm determined to win. I probably won't though as I spend more time in the house and I'm freezing. Right now I'm wearing 2 jumpers and Tim's hoodie and I'm still cold...

That my tummy has turned against me and decided it can no longer tolerate fat of any kind. So I have to have an abdominal scan today to check my Gall bladder. This means I have been daydreaming of sticking my face in a bowl full of melted cheese for about two weeks...

This also means I am not allowed to eat today until my scan this evening...

Therefore i'm already STARVING!

But all of this craziness must wait because yesterday my baby turned 4 years old!

Seriously when did that happen?

I snuck in his room Sunday night while he was sleep and filled his room with balloons...
In the morning it all about the presents...

 New birthday outfit!

He had a party with some friends...
One of my friends made the cake, isn't she talented?
 Lucas was so excited when he saw it!

You know when you are out at a party and you do something crazy... 
Only to regret it the next morning...

Or in our case the next bath time when it doesn't come off...

not even a bit...

We've all been there, right?

Happy Birthday Lucas x

Now if I could eat some cheese and put the heating on...


  1. Happy birthday!!!! How has he gotten so big - such a cutie!

  2. Hip Hurra! Happy Birthday to your Lucas- what a great party!...and I love the balloon idea.
    I hope everything goes well for you today- sorry about the fat...isn't that what makes most food delish?! Good grief.

    1. Exactly! Hopefully the doctors will sort me out soon xxx

  3. Happy Birthday. You are so adorable I wish you were my mom. :) He is so good looking and I have a girlfriend for him. ;)

  4. Happy birthday to your little boy! I love his cake... and the fact that you surprised him with balloons in his room. I'm totally copying you for my son's birthday :)

    Good luck with your gall bladder issues... no fun.

    1. Thanks I think I copied it from someone else too :)

  5. Happy Birthday Lucas!
    That is (or was!) an awesome cake!
    Lea's Menagerie

  6. Awwww.... happy birthday to your baby!!! :)) That is some cool cake your friend made!

  7. Happy Birthday Lucas! I'm coping the balloons too--awesome! My friend just had her gall bladder out only 3 weeks post-pardum! She said it was easy and only has to moderately modify her diet. Good luck!

  8. What a fun birthday party! and such a big boy.. 4 wow! I really like his dinosaur tattoo and I bet he wishes it would last longer than a bath or two. :)

    1. Thank you. Its been a few weeks and its still there a bit lol