Friday 21 March 2014

Not quite green fingers...yet.

I'm new to the gardening thing and as of yet i'm not very good at it.

I can never remember the names of the plants or the important care details like what to feed them and when to prune.I approach it like I approach everything. With big burst of energy spending days on it, changing it up, planting new things, making it perfect then neglecting it for weeks and wondering why the heck there are weeds everywhere...?But like everything else each year I get a little better. And I love it a little more.And I am learning little and often works well in the garden as it does everywhere else in my life. Little and often, little and often, little and often.Just trying to imprint it in my brain.The front garden of this house has always irritated me. The previous owners covered the whole thing with ugly stones...
Oh and the weeds. Lets not forget them. Every time I looked at those ugly stones that get everywhere I grew more frustrated...

Argh!It would cost too much to get drive way paved over or concreted. It would take too much time to removed all those goddamn stones. Plus I read somewhere that concreting your driveway completely can effect the moisture levels of your back garden. What to do..?Last year we got a skip and finally went to battle with those stones. We bought a load of compost, I stole some rocks from the hills of Wales last year (as you do) and created a small garden...

I also made a small feature from the crazy amount of large round stones we keep discovering in the soil...

I'm starting to like the whole use what you already have philosophy...By the summer it looked like this...

Much better.This year after stealing a few more rocks from the woods by our house (I think its becoming a problem...) and adding a few more plants it's hopefully improving...

I keep looking out of the window in anticipation, willing it all to grow. I think I have patience issues.
I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait.Grow grow grow. Telepathy works on plants right?


  1. I feel like the worst bloggy friend. But work is kicking my behind. I love how each year you celebrate Spring a little harder, deeper and I am so blessed to call you my friend. When it comes to gardening?! Just plant and go. Is like falling in love you never know what you are going to get.

    1. aw please don't feel like a bad bloggy friend I totally get it. And the work you've been busy doing has been blowing my mind! You've inspired me to start pushing myself harder photography wise. And I love that I can call you a friend too btw because I think you are just amazing!

      And I shall just plant and go!!!! xxx

  2. Learning to garden is definitely a process, but it looks like you are well on your way. I love the rock/ plant combination. I just wish I lived near a forest I could get some rocks from like you. It feels silly to buy rocks, but what can you do... haha!

    1. I know! It feels wrong to buy rocks. I looks pretty weird coming out of the woods with a big rock on your arms too lol

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