Wednesday 24 September 2014

A birthday and Birmingham Sea Life Centre...

I'm still loving the new tradition of sneaking in balloons the night before a birthday. How exciting is that? Although no one one in this house has got the hint and done it for my birthday yet. 
But there's always next year... *cough cough*

And I can't believe my baby turned five years old. Waaaaah!
This time of year with school and birthdays I feel like life is racing ahead and I want to put my foot on the brakes a little. But it is also an enjoyable time. And so Lucas being obsessed with all things underwater (thanks to Octonauts) we decided to go to the Sea Life Centre for his birthday.

It did not disappoint...

There is this tunnel section where the fishes, sharks and a huge turtle swim over and around you. It was very cool...

The Spongebob in me particularly liked the Jelly fish...

But by far everyone's favourite was the penguins (although I'd much rather see them in their natural habitat, they did not have much space).They were so full of personality...

Happy Birthday Lucas x


  1. Happy late Birthday!!!
    Looks like the most wonderful way to spend a special day. Beautiful pictures, so exotic, I wish we had something like that for our kids around here.
    I remember last year Sian when I started following you- they celebrated their birthday In Switzerland...quite the little world travelers your boys :)

    1. :) hubby is half swiss so we are so lucky to get to go there quite a lot. It's so beautiful there! xxx

  2. How much fun!! You got some amazing shots, too! Happy birthday to the not so little guy!

  3. What fun! Happy birthday kid! And great shots Sian; aquariams aren't the easiest places to shoot : )

    1. I know they are always so dark for photos! :)

  4. A Happy Birthday to your little one. I love your sea creature photos and your new leaf header photo!