Thursday 9 October 2014

Sometimes it's good to wait a bit...

This summer me and Tim were feeling like bad parents because we still hadn't taught Isaac to ride without stabalisers. Every time a child Isaac's age expertly passed us on a bike we would look at each other with guilty eyes that said 'yep we really need to do that soon...' It wasn't intentional, it just kind of fell of the radar. So one afternoon we decided it was time to tick this off the parenting list. 
Isaac wasn't so sure he wanted to try, 
quite naturally because he didn't want to fall...
Oh I hear you kid. I never want to fall either but I'm only just realising now that it's only way we learn anything...

So we told him he probably would fall and that's okay. And as added motivation we told him that when he learnt to ride without them, we would buy him a new bike. Maybe for his birthday because he had grown so much. Plus we figured it would take a while. It took no time at all.

Starting and stopping needed some more work but he took to it very quick.

Me and Tim looked at each other dumbfounded...
And at the end of that afternoon Isaac rode up beside me beaming and said 'are we going to buy my new bike tomorrow then?'...
Oh yeah we did say that didn't we..?
Which also means a certain little brother gets his big brothers bike. One that he's been eyeing up for so long...

I present a proud boy and his new bike...


  1. Great post Sian- definitely food for thought.
    Kudos to parent awesomeness!
    I 'm with their teacher, I held my kids back a year just that they could be "kids" a little longer- it as if society pushes them into a business suit having them speak 10 languages fluently while networking on the puter by the time their 8 years old. Ridiculous.
    This really enforces...all in due time. Tell Isaac...he looks awesome, and I love his new bike!

    1. It is ridiculous! I want my children to have a real childhood and feel good about themselves. There is so much competitiveness and pressure these days. I try to avoid it but its so easy to get sucked in x

  2. Way to go Issac! Lucas' teacher is so wise, too!

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