Thursday, 19 March 2015

This is a simple art activity you can do with children that looks really effective. The other day we did it for fun but we have also done them before as homemade greeting cards...

The first one was actually inspired by Isaac. A while ago he had been learning about the artist Kandinsky at school so he starting making his own pictures. Like all the time...

You need:

Watercolour paper
Water-soluble wax pastels (I'm sure you can use any watercolour crayons but these give a nice thick wax crayon look)
Masking tape

What we did:

For the Kandinsky inspired version I taped the edges down with the masking tape. This gives it a nice neat look when you peel if off. 

Isaac then drew his squares and circles as he pleased. After each one he just lightly brushed around each one with a little water. He tried to use fresh water for each colour so the colours bleed into each other a little but not so much that one colour gets lost in the other too much. 

We let it dry then peeled off the tape.

Then we displayed with pride...


With the other picture that Lucas wanted to do, we taped around the paper as before. 

Then I placed tape all over the picture in random lines.

Lucas used the pastels to colour in lines. He is all about colouring in lines of colour at the moment. All his pictures are coloured this way so we just went with it. I imagine the picture would be equally great no matter how you coloured over the tape.

He then brushed over each section with a little water. Again cleaning the brush between each section of colour for the same reason as above. Letting the colour bleed a little but no so much that the whole page becomes one color...

It's really important to make sure it's completely dry before you very carefully remove the tape. Otherwise it can smudge onto the white areas. Lucas was amazed to watch the picture change as I removed each section of tape. Like he didn't see it coming at all. 


Then again we displayed with pride...

Really simple and really fun.


  1. The best! Theses are so colorful and fun.

    1. You inspired me with your talk of using the 'whole box of crayons' bring on the colour! x

  2. Those are LOVELY!!! Well done, mum and boys!!

  3. Oh, thank you! Fantastic ideas!

  4. These are awesome! I love your art gallery too. You have talented and smart children. I'm impressed that your son is already learning about Kandinsky! I didn't hear of him until college.

    1. I know me too! He did learnt about him at school and I was so surprised :)

      Thank you for your lovely words x