Tuesday 14 April 2015

Langford Lowfields

Over Easter we visited Tim's parents. When we stay there we often go to this beautiful nature reserve. These two love going there...
It's pretty...
With a lot of wildlife...
And Swans that definitely flirt with us...
No Ugly Ducklings here...
There was a lot of birds fighting... 
Isaac informed us that 'oh it's probably over a girl...'
hmm I think he might be right. For the boys however the best bit about the whole place is 'the wobbly bridge!!!' Every few minutes or so as we walked along, taking in the general splendour, they were at me. Checking once again that we were going to the wobbly bridge. 
'Are we going to the wobbly Bridge?
But we are definitely going Mummy? 
I just said yes.
You know?... 
The bridge that wobbles...
YES! We are going to the wobbly bridge!
*give it a few minutes then repeat*
I mean I get it. It's a fun bridge that wobbles and stuff...
What's not to love?
Even without the bridge and the beautiful yet slightly aggressive birds, it is just stunning...
And we'll see it again soon I'm sure...
Especially if these two monkeys have anything to say about it...


  1. What a beautiful spot and I think I would love the wobbly bridge too!
    PS: Your last photo needs to be framed, it's great!

  2. Sean, Gorgy.
    The landscape and your boys what a beautiful way to spend the day. Looks like you are all in the midst of spring time....weeeee!

  3. What a great place to stroll!

  4. What a beautiful spot. Love the last pic :)

  5. Your pictures are gorgeous. And my son would have LOVED the wobbly bridge too!

  6. I can see why that bridge is so popular looks like a great place to run! The nature reserve looks beautiful, I love your photos.