Thursday 27 January 2011

Playing in the garden

This month we haven't been able to get outside as much as I'd like. The weather has been a bit cold and wet. Plus the kiddies have had one illness after another. This week though they are doing much better. Although I could fill big bucket with the amount of snot that is free flowing in this house. Anyway the point is, we have managed to play in the garden and Lucas has been able to get to grips with his first ever pair of wellies.

Lucas did a lots of  this...
'I've got it, I'm standing!...'


'Um this cant be right...'

'What's this? better eat it just to be sure...'

We were out the next day as well.

'The commute from home to the garden is killing me...'

 'So what do I do with this then?'

'Mummy could have got me matching gloves at least!'

'Where that brother of mine?'

Aw here he is...

They are really starting to play with each other now.  Sometimes for a good few minutes before someone gets pushed over.

 But the snot people. So much snot...
Its so much easier now I don't have to carry Lucas all the time. I just have to make sure Isaac doesn't wrestle him to the ground too much. Also if it doesn't snow again soon I'm going to fall out with winter and start wishing for Spring. Mainly so we can get outside more.


  1. This was all really cute until I got to the snot part. It doesn't help that my stomach was already queasy from reading this blog about puke

  2. It's good that they manage to get some time outside rather than indoors with the virus... bet you can't wait till spring comes around. Have a blessed weekend!

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