Tuesday 4 January 2011

The delights of sly nose picking... A 3 year old's guide

Everyone does it (don't deny it!) so here's my guide to doing it effectively and secretly
1. Firstly position yourself correctly. So it looks like you are busy doing exciting things like playing on a train, drinking juice or watching TV. For the more experienced like me, you will do all three at the same time like a multitasking genius

2. Make your way up slowly as if you are simply
going to scratch you chin or something....

 3. Goal achieved! but make quick work of it, in case someone spots you...

 4. That's it! just like that...

5. If someone, lets say Mummy, spots you, give your cutest most adorable smile as if to say 'Who me? No, I'm just sitting here minding my own business...'

 6. Keep finger in mouth for extended period of time, whilst
concentrating on looking at something far away to ensure it looks authentic...

 7. If all else fails, find a spot out of sight to enable a proper dig for the good stuff...

 And also fellow nose pickers, you have to ask what sort of mummy takes photos of this in the first place?! *tut tut*


  1. Ha ha! Hilarious!!

  2. Gross. But my older two do it as well.

  3. At least he was trying to be discreet and I see plenty of adults doing it without a care in the world and they aint cute enough to get away with it!


  4. lol he wont be cute enough to get away with it forever...

  5. We have that same Thomas toy! My boys fight over it.