Thursday, 13 January 2011

Nightmare week

I've got to be honest. It has been a difficult week and as a mummy I'm exhausted. The week after a holiday like Christmas I always find difficult. I think its after all the excitement and lack of routine. They go a bit nuts. Isaac has been a frequent visitor to the time out spot and is possibly thinking of setting up a holiday home there. If I have to to say 'BE GENTLE!' one more time... *crazy mummy eye twitch*
Isaac in full hyperactive swing only to crash and burn later...

Urgh! And Lucas as some of you may remember, had been recovering from a nasty ear infection in both ears. While he was on antibiotics he seemed to be improving so we thought he was better. This week things got worse and worse. He would go from playing happily to screaming in seconds over hardly anything.  I started to think 'Oh God has Lucas started the so called terrible 2's a year early?! At times I could not comfort him at all. I felt useless.

He has also been waking more in the night and decided that 5am is a much more suitable wake up time in the morning. After being ill myself last week I was having trouble finding any energy at all. I know its bad when I start day dreaming about being asleep. Yet I've been killing myself trying to keep them occupied and feeling guilty every time I used TV to calm things down. Also housework had completely gone out of the window and the mess was slowly starting to take over. At times I swear I could hear it laughing at me. Much like my messy desk does on a daily basis. *shakes fist at desk* I finally deduced that quite frankly maybe I'm not good at this mummy thing after all. 

However after going to the Doctors this evening it turns out that he still has nasty ear infections! So no wonder he is so miserable and quite possibly he said, it started with Swine flu. Wait what?! The doctor says that many people have it and don't even realise. Now I'm thinking I had it too which might explain my lack of mummy resources this week. I was so ill last week that hubby had to take a day off work to look after the little ones. That's like unheard of.

So maybe I'm not completely awful and maybe he's a legend for coping as well as he has. The Doctor said at times his ears would be stupid painful so he has done so well so have happy moments at all. So here's to the little man who, while I've been complaining about being tired, has been really struggling. Thank God he's okay.

Irresistible no?

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  1. Hopefully it gets better soon! I love the last picture. =)