Friday 19 August 2011


And oh man the scenery this summer. I've enjoyed seeing it transform as summer took hold. The colors changed. The poppies finally gave way to warm golden grass. 

The sun warming my skin... 
The cool breeze on my face... 

So freaking pretty...

 Even in the strangest of places I still see the pretty...


  1. Haha, you sound like me when it comes to quitting. But, wow! That scenery is beautiful! I wish we had something like that around here.

  2. Good for you!! The scenery is stunning!! Good luck on your health endeavors! I too am working on losing some weight, hard but trying!

  3. Wonderful post ! I don't own a bike, but I love running! I'd be worried that I'd cycle too far and then not be able to get back from the saddle ache! ha.
    I love your grass/field photo's. Very whimsical. You know I'm a sucker for a good photo right?!

  4. Gorgeous pictures! I can tell I am going to love your blog. Your pictures are like an eye spa. :)

  5. Great photos! Love the one that comes after the sentence "The poppies finally gave way to warm golden grass." Really stunning, love the colours.