Thursday 25 August 2011

Lucky me, lucky us...

I can't believe they are mine. 
I can't believe I would die for them. 

As soon as I had Isaac I knew I didn't want someone else to take care of him. I'm selfish that way. I wanted to be the most important person in his life even if it was only for a little while...

Add Lucas to the mix, double trouble.

And Daddy is getting impatient...

But its pretty so we have time to wait...
We play...

We have magical levitation powers...

 I'm not even kidding...

Not to mention the flying...
 Sort of...

And then there is my kids super human strength. They can lift a full grown adult with no effort what so ever...
No need for us to even carry them really, they can carry us...

And if there is just one blackberry to eat within a ten mile radius we sniff it out with our superhuman nostrils. We will scramble our way to it and then hide all evidence of eating it (...mostly) 

And we just keep on going for walks and enjoying all the pretty around us.

Summer is totally in it's golden time now. When I worked I never really noticed the seasons the way I do now. With every walk the world is transformed. And I get to introduce it to my boys every day.

Lucky me.

Lucky us.


  1. So, what *do* you do all day?! lol
    A child should be brought up by his/her parents and not sent off to a complete stranger at X months old so you are doing exactly the right thing. Of course, you could go to work to earn enough money so that you can pay someone else to be there for all of your child's landmark moments, to be there when they fall and hurt themselves etc. but where's the sense in that?
    Good job Mrs! Now, back to feet up & watching telly all day! lol

  2. haha I'll put the kettle on!

  3. Been there still there. I am a feminist I have made a conscious choice of staying at home therefore making me a feminist and a woman of my own convictions.

    People should really mind their own business because in reality they are jealous that we can make such decisions and no one can stop us.

    Can you tell I have dealt with it as well?! LOL

  4. I feel all rage-y and ranty for you now! I have a couple of fingers for those folks that think being a sahm isn't work.
    It's SO much work and totes worth it, but hello there's no lunch break in Mommyland. No going to the bathroom on your own. And the hours kinda suck - 24 hours a day, always on call.
    In other news, those levitation and flying pics made my day! I love it when you get on the other side of the camera and your boys are going to cherish those rare shots someday:)

  5. I love your rant, and I love your pictures. So glad to be introduced to your blog through LucidLotus and both of us being starred today!

  6. LucidLotus pushed me in your direction too, and am I ever grateful she did. I too am staying at home and I cherish my choice, and my right to make it.

    What really gets up my nose is when I tell people I'm not working and they get all concerned that I understand that they *know* I am "working" at home. I laugh -- Are ya kiddin' me? I have worked before and what I am doing is hard work, but it is not "working" because I am (a) never off work (b) rarely able to squeeze in a coffee break, nevermind lunch (c) I am picking up stuff, cleaning bathrooms and doing dishes all day and (d) my "bosses", all three of them, are never ever satisfied nor are they reasonable. Oh. And (E.) I don't get paid. SO. I am not WORKING.

    Work? That's the easy choice. Mine is the more beautiful and I have the least amount of existential angst I've ever had.

  7. Just catching up with your blog as ive been away. Well I have to say that you are very lucky to be able to look after your young children and they get their mummys attention when it's most definately needed.
    I had to work when my child was a baby... we had no choice or we would of lost our house.
    Cherish these moments for sure -- they pass so quickly!
    And the next time someone asks you what you do all day... challenge them to look after/entertain/teach children all day, each day - it's truly exhausting, none stop, relentless!
    Just make sure you get your adult time too hun.
    Lovely blog post. x