Thursday, 22 September 2011

A day in the life...

*Warning: There are so many pictures in this post that your eyeballs may fall out of your sockets, purely so they can rest...

As some of you know, one of the reasons I started this blog was to keep my brother who lives in America in touch with what we are up to. Cheeky brother hardly ever even comments. Don't worry though I give him regular pop quizzes to check he's still reading. Anywho, he recently moved to Seattle the lucky bugger. Yes I'm a tad envious. So in order for me to drink in all the Seattle lovely, I gave him a photo challenge. A day in the life sort of thing. To take pictures of himself and his surroundings in a typical day. It was awesome and it gave me a picture of his life, the beauty of the scenery, where he worked, everything. I of course had to do the same challenge for him, including pictures of myself which I rather not do but I figured would get me practicing using the timer on my camera as well as the tripod I never use.

So if you ever wonder what my day is really like (like you've got nothing better to do right?), this is a pretty good example (except it doesn't show quite how much I check my twitter/email/facebook/blog stats)...

*Don't worry about your eyeballs, just pop them back in they'll be alright...


  1. Love your family collage! This is a lovely idea... is this what you sent your brother?

  2. Thanks, pretty much, his had more photos if you can believe that x

  3. Looking good Siany! I like your hair! The darker color suits you.
    I can't believe how grown up your boys are getting. Btw - how do i get automatic updates from your blog - can i sign up somewhere?

  4. Hey hon! Becket Gemma? You can sign up for google reader and put my blog on there or I can email you when Ive posted, let me know on facebook if you want to xxx

  5. These are fabulous, Sian! Love the way you laid them out, such a great photo documentary feel!

  6. i love the way you document your family life, its a gift, and you have it ... what did you use to frame them *curious ...

  7. I love love love this! Ahhh, miss you guys!

    Netley x

  8. I could read your warning in my reader and I actually waited a minute and thought hmm, I really need my eyes today maybe I'll read it later. Heh.
    This was a simply lovely chronicle of a day in the life. And I always love it when you come around the other side of the lens. You have such a creative eye - loved the shadow pic and the fisheye mirror shot from the library.
    Checked your brother's site for his day to no avail. Tell him peep want a glimpse:)

  9. That is so. beautiful. Believe it or not, the picture of you reflected in the colander (strainer?) made me cry, and then the shadow one. I'll bet you didn't know the photos were THAT fantastic, right?

    But they are. I think it was the simple reflection of a life, a day in the life and how thoughtfully yours was put together. It was perfect.