Saturday, 7 January 2012

A tad behind...

I've been missing blog wise. We've been so busy with Christmas, New year, visiting relatives and the resulting mess that new toys has created. I like to start the new year fresh. You know? Like burst into the new year like a superhero on speed, full of new years resolutions. I like to detox my post Christmas fat. I like to declutter and clean the house. All while starting various exercise/drawing/photography/beingawesome projects with superhuman motivation.

This year i'm a tad behind with all this.

On Christmas day night when it was time for bed Isaac got all tearful and said he didn't want a story. He was just too sad that Christmas day was over. He was heart broken actually. I consoled him by saying we still had New year to come with Hubbies family and there he would be getting more Christmas presents. Plus the fact that Christmas happens every year so it will come again. I didn't expect him to be upset but then again he has never looked forward to anything as much as he looked forward to this Christmas before.  Maybe there is a little of that going on for me too.

The excitement will happen. It always does. I need that new beginning every year like I need air. Getting a new crisp diary and notebook always gets me excited. Excited by the possibilities of the year ahead. I don't care if I don't stick to it all. I like the energy of the beginning, of the resolve to do more, do better, and just be better than the year before. I'm hoping I feel it soon because I'm completely round from stuffing my face all Christmas. Plus its driving me nuts that I'm surrounded by mess that I keep cleaning up only to find mess again. It's laughing at me people much like my laundry pile does daily!

Also just a small request to the weather gods. What's with the rubbish wet unwinter like weather? No snow yet? Not even one tiny little flake! COME ON! you guys know how I feel about the white stuff. Some of that and I'll be flying high in no time!

Anyway lets ease ourselves back into this by letting me catch you up on a movie night we had just before Christmas...
It was a good one. And we decided to mix it up food wise. You know really pretend we were at the cinema (if it were appropriate to go to the cinema in your PJs...)

Instead of fruit smoothies we had hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows...
Instead of homemade pizza we had hot dogs (before your eyes widen, the naughty toppings were for adults only. The boys just had a little ketchup)
Instead of, no wait, as well as popcorn, we had Nachos (again naughty toppings for greedy pig adults, and good God it was worth the extra fat on my tummy)...
So the boys chose Shrek forever After...
They love Shrek and watched this completely captivated.
Alright you two get a room...
 I liked it. The animation was great and the story interesting but did this really need to be made? I don't like sequels for sequels sake. Milking it? Maybe, but it was funny and enjoyable so movie night score is 6/10.
 There was even an after movie puppet show... 
Although I felt there was a lack of effort puppet costume wise...
Then once the boys were hyped up and forced tucked up in bed, we opened a cold one and put on a movie I've been looking forward to for ages!
The Inbetweeners! Now I love the series. It's complete gross out comedy all the way and I always laugh so much it hurts. If you watch it you will know it put the word 'clunge' on the map *ew*. Just typing the word grosses me out. I was way excited to watch the movie. For my American readers think English American pie. But instead of pie it was ham... 
I didn't laugh till I cried all the way through. But I don't think any movie could sustain the jokes the individual episodes do. But it certainly didn't disappoint. I really enjoyed it. If you like the series you'll love this. If you don't, well you wouldn't watch it in the first place would you?
Great stuff!
Movie night score 8/10


  1. How precious is that he was so sad Christmas was over, may he never lose that childhood spark! Glad you enjoyed your movie night!!

  2. C'mon already, winter. Get over there and make the girl smile, wouldya?

  3. Oh wow, I so need to recreate your movie night. All the food looks so yummy!!! And I love The Inbetweeners movie. Saw it at the cinema and got the DVD for Christmas but not watched it yet.
    And I am waiting for snow too. Not so fussed for myself but my daughter really wants us to get some so I want just a couple of days of snow just for her.

  4. movie night looks happenning.. we have that here too..and now with 1$ is even better!