Saturday, 11 February 2012

Good things come to those who wait...

You wouldn't believe the week I just had even if I told you.

Which of course I will.

The week before, Hubby had been on a ski trip with his school kids. It was a long kind of lonely week that made me want to bow down at the feet of all the world's single parents. Because geez it's hard work on your own. But I was in awesome mummy mode (well I faked that I was anyway) and it's good to realise how much your hubby contributes (including food that is tasty and unburnt). But that was the week before. We're talking about this week where things were supposed to get easier now hubby was home to pick up the slack...
Ha! Life had other plans for my week of relaxation...
 The night that my bleary eyed hubby arrived home after travelling with teenagers on a coach for 24 frigging hours, Isaac suddenly became really ill. Like scary high temperature and complaining on eye pain. NHS direct told us to take him immediately to A&E in case it was meningitis. He even said take your mobile and if his symptoms get any worse stop the car and call 999. Holy crap.
 Don't worry he was fine. A really nasty ear infection. The doctor couldn't believe how red his inner ear was. God knows why he complained of eye ache instead of ear ache. Maybe he is dyselxic. It certainly runs in the family...

But that was scary stuff.

Welcome home hubby! So Isaac was off pre-school and feeling really poorly. Then the washing machine AND dryer both fell ill. The new only had it for a frigging month washing machine is under guarantee. But they told us we have to pay alot if it turns out to be cold weather related or there is a blockage. Considering the machine is clever enough to tell you on its screen that there is blockage i'm thinking we have to pay.
F:18 apparently means blocage but I think it means F**k it!
Since we have no money this month I've spent all week trying unsuccessfully to fix it while my dad attempted to tell me what to do over the phone. All the while I've been washing our monster pile of dirty washing in the bath. Wringing it out then attempting to dry it on all the heaters around the house because the dryer still isn't working!
Then, I kid you not, the heating packed in. I swear i'm not making this up. To get the heating to work downstairs you have to turn all the radiators upstairs off. Then because its freezing outside you have to turn all the downstairs ones off and put the upstairs ones back on. Repeat as desired.
 You know without modern appliances housework is hard, like muscle building back breaking hard. Respect to all the housewifes of old. Maybe I don't want to live in Pride and Prejudice times after all...

Then Hubby (it's only Tuesday by now) got tonsillitis. He was so ill he spent the rest of the week in bed sleeping. So back to pretend single parent status with added maid and nursing responsibilities.

During the week the phone and TV also randomly stopped and started working again. No idea why. I'm starting to sense the household appliances are trying to communicate anger at my poor housekeeping skills. The dishwasher felt left out and refused to work temporarily but he's got no backbone and started working again without much of a fight.

I'm so tired but it could have been worse and everyone one human wise is on the mend. I've also given up and called the washing machine will rob me blind repairman, who is coming on Monday.

*Temporary typing break to answer the phone. Tried answering 'hello, hello' still ringing. 'HELLO! Still ringing. And yes I pressed the answer button. Seriously this house is laughing at me. I wonder who was ringing. I hope it wasn't Pixar on the phone saying that they just realised that I am an undiscovered genius (who just hasn't learn't to draw yet) and that they need to offer me a job immediately! I guess i'll never know because Ringback probably doesn't work either.*

As I was saying it could have been worse and this Saturday morning hubby is feeling better and he let me sleep in. Ah the wonderful 'post children sleep in' that is worth more than gold. I slowly woke up (mainly because I could hear the kids screaming but lets ignore that for the purposes of setting the mood), hubby had brought me a hot cup of tea...

And I read my book while sunbeams shined through the curtain. Hmm lovely. A warm shower and scrambled eggs for breakfast (not at the same time obviously). I felt great and the last week is a distant memory. Without the bad stuff the good stuff wouldn't be so sweet right?

As if knowing this, Doves circled our house for added sweetness this morning...
    As did some hot air balloons...
    Which naturally led to a short follow the balloons trip in the car...
    And a visit to the pet store (just to look!)...
Although I kind of really badly want a bunny now...
Sup dude!
  Oh the fluffy cuteness...
A little snack...
    Then nap time...
    There was even a guy handling a snake *gulp*.
Lucas wasn't convinced. I did a great job of hiding my snake fear. Actually this snake was kind of beautiful but have I ever told you my snake/toilet story?
Okay real quick...
My brother used to have a Corn snake. I was supposed to visit the next week and on the phone I joked: Me: "You better make sure that snake stays in it's cage esp if i'm sleeping on the sofa in the same room!"
Brother: "Actually my snake has escaped."
Me: "You're kidding right?"
Brother: " No I'm serious but don't worry I'm tracking it by putting flour all over the floor and luring it out with a dead mouse. I will definitely find him before you come to stay."
 The day before I'm due to visit I ring again.
Me: "You found that snake yet?"
Brother: "No he must have got out, they've been no tracks or anything. There is absolutely no chance that he is still in the flat."
Me: "Okay if you are sure..."
Brother: "I'm certain."
 So me and Tim arrive after a long journey and naturally I'm desperate to pee. I quickly hug my brother hello and run to the toilet joking that knowing my luck I'll probably find that damn snake. Everyone laughs. That does sound like something Sian would do, they say. So I'm peeing and mid pee I'm thinking where is the toilet roll!? My brother was in the process of redoing the bathroom so it was kind of a mess with boxes and stuff everywhere. I can't see toilet paper anywhere but I see this small flat box. I don't know why I opened it, it seemed like an unlikely place for toilet roll, but I opened it still...
 As soon as I opened it, a snake rose up out of it looking at me squarely. 
 Now I'm still peeing so I couldn't run away. One because I didn't want to pee all over myself and the floor. And Two: because my trousers were down I would have tripped over. But I did scream and shout! 
"The snakes in here! The snake! THE SNAKE!"
 I could hear my brother and Tim laughing saying "nah she's joking". I finally finished peeing, pulled up my trousers and ran out shaking like a mad lady. My brother was hopping about excitedly saying I was the best sister in the world for finding his snake, while I was trying to remember how to breath.
Okay so that wasn't so quick.
But this snake wasn't too bad. I even touched it.
Spiders forget it! I'm still too scared of them. I steered the children right away from those. I couldn't even take a photo *shivers*. I've definitely told you my spider head story though right?

Okay if you insist...
So I'm about 11 or 12 and we were having our house rebuilt while we were still living inside it. Don't ask! But lets just say if a spider wanted to mess with me it had various ways of getting in. This particular time I was looking at a picture on my wall and I suddenly knew with absolute certainty that there was a huge spider the size of my head on the top of my head. (Oh god I got the shakes just writing that then.) I stood perfectly still and very slowly lifted my shaky hand up to touch the top of my head. As I did it moved slightly but still clung on. It was huge. It felt big and hairy and there was no way I was knocking it off my head because I would sure it was use the opportunity to get me. 
 I screamed but no one one came to my rescue so I slowly walked, sobbing down the stairs. I couldn't form the words to explain what was wrong to my mum but she looked at the top of my head. Her eyes widened and she paled considerably, saying 'Oh. My. God!' She knocked it off my head. I didn't open my eyes to see it's fate but I did cry for an hour afterwards. 
That's not the end of the story though. That night mum tucked me into to bed. As she closed my curtains I saw another big hairy black spider on my curtains. I screamed "IT'S COME BACK TO GET ME!!!" Which it clearly had, either that or it has buddies out for revenge. To this day whenever I see a spider and get someone to remove it, an hour or even a day later another one exactly the same comes to the same place to get me.
Let's just say I was never going to be Dr Siany Doolittle
Moving on from that...
We then had a little look around the Garden Center/Craft area...
    I I can't wait for spring...
Then off home. We had to stop though for a quick photoshoot of some young fouls while hubby tried not to get shouted at for parking by a field. I'm sure he blamed his crazy wife...
 Who's that crazy lady?
    Can't hurt to take a look..?
OMG how cute is this little dude?
And i'm pleased to report no horses freaked out during this photo session which is highly unusual. Actually I have a few crazy horse stories but I think I'll save those for another day...

A sweet day all round really.


  1. April the Corn Snake was MIA for at least 6 weeks before you summoned up the courage to come visit. Making the fact that you "found" her with 30 secs of arriving even more improbably/hilarious.

    Lovely pics sis, hope next week makes up in awesome what this last one offered in suck

  2. Ohhh my Sian, seriously this blog post mirrored so much of my life... Fears and loves all mixed into one. we really are blogging soul mates... This week I went looking for a new bunny, I have been longing for one for a while. Cuteness, mi just can't commit to one just yet until my garage has heating/proper electricity to it. But eventually.
    I wonder if you ever saw my blog post about visiting the Only Fouls and Horses farm ? Similar gorgeous ponies.
    That story of the spider FREAKED me out... I am not a fan myself.
    Hun I hope your family all get better and stay better too!
    Jennie. Xx

  3. Dude, poor Issac! And mama. And dada, for that matter. That is quite the run of bad luck. You should be good for the rest of the year.
    I'm sorry for your suffering in regard to the 'incidents' you described, but thanks be to the sweet lady internet that you shared them here because that was HILARIOUS.

  4. So sorry he was so sick! How frightening! And your poor washer, oy! Glad you're all on the mend and the pics from the pet store are stunning!