Saturday 25 February 2012

bubbles and bikes...

What's better than bubbles?

 Hey I have some skill with the bubbles too...

 I seriously dig bubbles...

Saturday morning was a sunny crisp day so I texted my friend that we were headed to park if she and her little one fancied joining us, all impromptu like. She did, so we met up at the park with our bikes and scooters.

Isaac got a bike for his birthday but as of yet he can't get the hang of pedaling. He can pedal backwards but forwards is a whole other story. 

They also found a way cool den to play in...

 And a little climbing was done...


  1. Awwwww Sian, don't ever worry too much about what these doctors say... they would be out of a job otherwise!
    DIVERSITY RULES MY FRIEND.... your babies are gorgeous, intelligent and more to the point -- unique!
    Please, please, please dont stress... just enjoy their childhood and what will be, will be.
    Gorgeous family photo's as always.
    Jennie. Xx

  2. As a therapist, I'd say that two and four are much too young to be worrying about such insignificant things. If there were delays in multiple areas then you might need to be proactive with speech and occupational therapy. But six months behind in speech? Immature pencil holding? Get real, assessors. The scales we measure by are to catch big gaps or major delays, not just different rates of development.
    As a parent, I'd say that it's so freaking hard to not measure your kids against others. And as a member of a playgroup with a bunch of boys that are almost the same exact age I see every week the different pace that each kid is going at. Some are good at running and bike riding, some are thoughtful and great problem solvers. None of them does every single thing perfectly.
    And as a friend, I'd say you are a amazeballs mom. Your husband is an awesomesauce dad. Y'all provide those boys with so much love and variety of experiences and stimulation. They are going to have big, wonderful lives due to that. And they are each going to excel in whatever it is that's in them, that makes them so perfect and unique. Like they already are.

  3. I know in my heart you are doing an amazing job and I would say just watch and let them be... You are so blessed and lucky and like fingerprints they are unique.

  4. Don't get me started on health visitors! Your boys are just perfect so tell them to stick their bloody forms and stuff where the sun don't shine. As your friend who's a therapist says, 6 months is bugger all. If I said that you were 6 months behind me everyone would laugh their heads off!!
    Lots of love to you all.

  5. 6 months? Pfff. whatever. They're just worrying you for nothing. It'd be different if your kids were years behind!

    And this could be your "best?" blog entry yet. I love the last shot with the tree and the bubbles. It's all so beautiful. <3

  6. You have already told yourself the advice I'd give you. Don't worry - kids do get there in the end. I always say that to anyone who is worried about the child's walking, talking, potty training etc. You never see adults crawling on the floor, unable to talk and wetting themselves! (well perhaps if they've had one to many beers on a Friday night!)
    I do worry about comparing my new baby with my daughter though. She's always been quite an advanced child (proud mum moment :-D). She walked at 10 months, has always been really good at talking and is generally very mature for her age. I really don't want to be disappointed when inevitably this one doesn't do things at quite the same pace.

    1. haha very true! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I'm feeling much better about it all xxxxx