Friday 7 November 2014

The house next door...

After various delays, and me practicing the art of not being very patient at all, we now officially own the house next door. Suddenly I'm waking up at 5am to do my usual housework early so I can spend all day working on 'the house'. I have a million things to remember to do, phone calls to make, decisions to be made, things to break...

We have to work fast so we can rent it out as soon as possible. And oh man it needs some work. Armed with a hammer I ripped out this kitchen all by myself...

I felt like superwoman. Then completely freaked out over the hidden spiders webs lurking behind the cabinets. The biggest I have EVER seen. I ripped up all the carpets and loaded the skip with everything all by myself. Living room...Yikes

Hallway and bedrooms...

I felt like I was like on Homes under the Hammer. Except no one wants to film me.I went to to battle with nettles as tall as my children and took down overgrown bushes bigger than myself...
I have the scratches to prove it. 
Although I haven't won the garden battle yet. The weather has thrown the war in the weeds favour.
Each night I feel broken and have to do yoga stretches, then lie in a hot bath for hours so that I can actually move the next day. But I am really enjoying myself. And it turns out I absolutely love to hit things hard with a hammer. Who knew?


  1. Good luck! And i am sure it will turn out awesome!

  2. Yippy Skippy!
    You will have so much fun and satisfaction renovating this beauty!!!
    Congratulations- so very happy for you and your fam.