Friday, 12 November 2010

Bend it like Beckham

So being a mum of 2 boys means that I feel I should sometimes do 'boy' stuff that I'm not so good at. Like playing football with Isaac when Daddy isn't around. Here's a play by play of a recent one on one match in our back garden...

Me: 'Hey Isaac you wanna play football with mummy?'
Isaac: 'Yes...I use my stick yes?'

Me: 'Well I think we are supposed to just use a football'
Isaac: 'I use my stick!'
Me: okay

 Isaac: 'here I go...'
Isaac: 'ooh my wellies...'
Me: *sigh*

He's finally ready and realised the ineffectiveness of the stick...
Ready Steady...

He shoots, he scores! Perfect kick right in mummies direction!
Mummy gets ready to kick it back...

Isaac: 'Mummy did you just trip over your own feet?'
Me: 'Yes. Yes I did.'

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