Thursday 25 November 2010

Second date with Jack Frost

After dragging my knackered self out of bed this morning I looked out of the window to find that Jack Frost come back for another go. No sore throat this time I raced out to take some more photos!! You know after feeding and dressing the kiddies...and drinking a cup of tea etc...

Guess what I saw? A freaking massive bird in our neighbours garden who was casually eyeing up the fish in the pond. I was pretty sure it was a Heron (hubby confirmed this later). Now Im not one for bird watching but this was impressive. Plus I thought my birding friend @KristaKay13 and my brother @blobbybirdman are going to wet themselves when they see this! Typically as it rose into the air in graceful flight I was looking the otherway. Oops...

One question people. Where the heck did the other leg go?!

Anyway back to frosty morning. 

It wasn't long before I started getting fancy with some leaves...

Some more frosty flowers and leaves. I think it looks like some coated them with sugar. However I can confirm they are nowhere near as tasty...

Isaac was once again loving the frost.

Isaac: What's that mummy?

Me: That's ice.

Isaac: I kiss it!

I shouldn't have been surprised it wasn't the first time Isaac had licked the ice this morning...
Even though I had already confirmed it definitely doesn't taste like sugar!

Anyway I think its time for another one of these, I hear there's snow on the way tomorrow...


  1. Nice grey heron, I highly approve of your recent obsession with birds.

    Loving the photography too, keep blogging

  2. That bird hasn't got a leg to stand on.